Barca starting lineup against Elche

FC Barcelona starting lineup against Elche tonight in Copa del Rey: Ter Stegen Montoya – Bartra – Mathieu – Adriano Rafinha – Gumbau – Sergi Roberto Adama – Munir – Pedro Substitutes: Masip, Pique, Rakitic, Douglas, Halilovic, Ié and Diagne […]

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Mixed notices January 14

Barca has trained his morning at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. All available players from the first team and six players from Barca B participating. The players from Barca B were Munir, Halilovic, Adama, Gumbau, Samper and Edgar Ié. Main focus […]

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Barca starting lineup against Atletico Madrid

FC Barcelona starting lineup against Atletico Madrid tonight 21:00 CET: Bravo Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Alba Rakitic, Sergio, Iniesta Suarez, Messi, Neymar Substitutes: Ter Stegen, Pedro, Rafinha, Bartra, Sergi Roberto, Adriano and Munir /Admin

Barca - ATM-1

FC Barcelona – Atletico Madrid, January 11, 21:00 CET

This will be the third time Luis Enrique and Diego Simeone meets as coaches in La Liga. Last season they met 2 times when Luis Enrique was head coach of Celta Vigo. Neither of these games were won by Luis […]

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Mixed notices January 10

. Since losing 0-1 against Celta, Barcelona have won all their 6 games at Camp Nou while scoring 31 goals (5.17 goals per game) Barcelona have scored 9 goals this season from Outside the penalty box: Rakitic 2, Messi 2, […]


Barca starting lineup against Elche


FC Barcelona starting lineup against Elche tonight in Copa del Rey:

Ter Stegen
Montoya – Bartra – Mathieu – Adriano
Rafinha – Gumbau – Sergi Roberto
Adama – Munir – Pedro

Masip, Pique, Rakitic, Douglas, Halilovic, Ié and Diagne


Mixed notices January 14

barca training-57-50

Barca has trained his morning at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. All available players from the first team and six players from Barca B participating. The players from Barca B were Munir, Halilovic, Adama, Gumbau, Samper and Edgar Ié.

Main focus on this session was tomorrow’s match against Elche in Copa del Rey.

Xavi and Neymar continued with special work outside the group.

Luis Enrique will announce the squad tomorrow (Thursday) morning before they are travelling to Elche for the game at Martinez Valero, 22:00 CET.

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Luis Enrique: “We are going into the second leg against Elche as we would any other game”

Luis Enrique: “I think that Luis Suarez is continuing to develop and he will offer us plenty of things”

Luis Enrique: “Some B-team players will play tomorrow, but we won’t take risks and rules say anyway that maximum in starting line-up is 4.”

Luis Enrique: “Xavi will not be in the squad for Elche. We hope to have him back soon”.

Luis Enrique: ” About Neymar? He’ recovering well from that kick. He will be back soon”.

Luis Enrique: “It will be difficult for any team to win everything. I think everybody will slip up. It’s very tight”.

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Abidal: “I hope Messi finishes his career at Barca. In football you never know. I hope he stays.”

Abidal: “I don’t know if I’m a symbol. I try to be humble and to respect everyone.”

Abidal: “I spoke to Bartomeu for months and we have to meet to discuss details. Later, we’ll see what I can do at Barca.”

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We congratulate our former goal keeper Victor Valdes on his birthday today when he turns 33.

Barca starting lineup against Atletico Madrid

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FC Barcelona starting lineup against Atletico Madrid tonight 21:00 CET:

Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Alba
Rakitic, Sergio, Iniesta
Suarez, Messi, Neymar

Ter Stegen, Pedro, Rafinha, Bartra, Sergi Roberto, Adriano and Munir


FC Barcelona – Atletico Madrid, January 11, 21:00 CET

Barca - ATM-1

This will be the third time Luis Enrique and Diego Simeone meets as coaches in La Liga. Last season they met 2 times when Luis Enrique was head coach of Celta Vigo. Neither of these games were won by Luis Enrique’s team (2-1 and 0-2 to Atletico Madrid )

Today’s match will be the first time they meet in Camp Nou as coaches, but they have met as players here before. In the season 1996/97 they both played in the match at Camp Nou. A match which ended with a draw, 3-3. Luis Enrique score one of Barca’s goals.

The two players have also met when they played for other teams, for example during season 92/93 and 93/94, When Luis Enrique played for Real Madrid and Diego Simeone for Sevilla.(2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, for the team in which Enrique played)


Atletico Madrid is the team in La Liga who this season have scored most headers with 19. FC Barcelona have scored 6 headers.


The 18 man squad for tonight’s game at the Camp Nou 21:00 CET against Atletico Madrid in LA Liga round 18 looks as follows:
Ter Stegen, C. Bravo, Piqué, Rakitic, Sergio, Pedro, Iniesta, Suárez, Messi, Neymar Jr, Rafinha, Mascherano, Bartra, Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto, Adriano, Alves and Munir.

Mathieu and Xavi are omitted from the squad for the game. Furthermore Masip, Douglas and Montoya are out due to technical reason.


Mixed notices January 10

neymar cartoon

Since losing 0-1 against Celta, Barcelona have won all their 6 games at Camp Nou while scoring 31 goals (5.17 goals per game)

Barcelona have scored 9 goals this season from Outside the penalty box: Rakitic 2, Messi 2, Neymar 2, Iniesta 1, Rafinha 1, Adriano 1

Against Elche (27,099), Barcelona had their lowest attendance at Camp Nou this season. Average before this game 71,989

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FC Barcelona has trained this Friday morning. All available players from the first team plus Munir from Barca B were participating in this session. Mathieu trained with the group despite not having medical ok. Xavi made specific work.

Main focus of this session was Sunday’s La Liga match against Atletico Madrid in Camp Nou 21:00 CET.

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On Sunday, January 11, FC Barcelona will meet Atletico Madrid in Camp Nou at 21:00 CET. It’s a match in La Liga round 18. Referee in this match will be Undiano Mallenco.

Both teams are equal this seasons when it comes to wins, draws and losses. In 17 games they both have 12 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses.

Barca’s best goal scorer: Lionel Messi with 15. Atletico Madrid’s best: Griezmann with 8.

Barca has scored 41 goals and conceded 8 while Atletico Madrid has scored 34 and conceded 15.

If we look at the cards, Barca has received 27 yellow cards and 1 red. Atletico Madrid has got 45 yellow cards.

Average possession is for Barca 71% and for Atletico Madrid 52%.


Mixed notices January 9

neymar goal

27.099 spectators saw Barca win tonight against Elche. Barca won by 5-0.

FC Barcelona created several chances but didn’t manage to score on them. There should at least have been a couple of more goals for Barca.
Barca had the possession with 75% to 25 % for Elche.

Goal scorers:
1-0 Neymar min 34 (assist Luis Suarez)
2-0 Luis Suarez min 39
3-0 Messi (penalty) min 45
4-0 Jordi Alba (assist Messi) min 55
5-0 Neymar min 59

Adriano comes in for Alba min 60
Pedro comes in for Neymar min 66
Samper comes in for Pique
Player ratings from the fans after Barca-Elche 5-0 in Copa del Rey yesterday (1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest):

Ter Stegen 6,5
Alves 5,6 – Pique 6,0 – Bartra 6,2 – Alba 6,7
Rakitic 5,2 – Mascherano 7,3 – Sergi Roberto 5,1
Luis Suarez 7,2 – Messi 7,7 – Neymar 8,4

Substitutes: Adriano 5,6 – Pedro 4,6 – Samper 5,0

Coach: Luis Enrique 4,1

Team average: 6,1

Manchester United is delighted to announce that former Barca goal keeper Victor Valdes has signed an 18-month contract with an option for a further year.

Victor Valdes titles won with FC Barcelona.
Supercopa España 6, La Liga 5, Champions League 3,
Copa del Rey 2, UEFA Super Cup 2, FIFA Club World Cup 2.


Starting lineup Barca-Elche in Copa del Rey

camp nou before elche i cdr-50

FC Barcelona starting lineup against Elche in Copa del Rey tonight 22:00 CET:
Ter Stegen
Alves – Bartra – Pique -Alba
Rakitic – Mascherano – Sergi Roberto
Messi – Suarez – Neymar

Masip, Montoya, Pedro, Iniesta, Adriano, Samper and Munir.


Mixed notices January 8

luis enrique-16-75

Luis Enrique: “We are going into a January that is very attractive with interesting matches”

Luis Enrique:”Every coach has to manage his squad. I try to make the objective a long term one, winning trophies.”

Luis Enrique:”I feel as confident and motivated as at the beginning. I can’t control rumours, but I still have faith”

Luis Enrique:”On Sunday we had a chance and we did not take it. It was a blow for the team, that’s clear

Luis Enrique:”Leo Messi is the best player in the world and in the squad. There is no need to add anything else that hasn’t been said”

Luis Enrique:”Things that happen in the dressing room stay in the dressing room. My job is to get the team to perform”

Luis Enrique:”I am still optimistic, but we understand that the fans are not happy after Sunday”

Luis Enrique:”Everything about Elche worries me. They are not doing well in the league, however, it won’t be an easy game”

Luis Enrique:”It’s impossible to treat all the players in the same way. It would be a mistake, but there are general rules”

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Josep Maria Bartomeu :”We ask future candidates to act responsibly and that until the campaign, that there is ‘fair-play’”

Josep Maria Bartomeu confirms that he will stand for the presidency in the elections in 2015

Josep Maria Bartomeu :”It is a decision that we have taken as the Board of Directors. I have the support of all my colleagues”

Josep Maria Bartomeu :I am a firm defender of Zubizarreta but in the last few weeks there has been a loss of confidence, nothing more”

Josep Maria Bartomeu :”Now we are starting a new phase with a new director of football that we will announce soon”

Josep Maria Bartomeu :The tension in the last few weeks has been excessive and beyond what is normal. We want to reduce it”

Josep Maria Bartomeu :”Luis Enrique has a project and we have no doubt that he is the right person”

Josep Maria Bartomeu :”Leo Messi is happy and he is looking forward to winning things with Barça. We are calm about him”

Josep Maria Bartomeu :”The new director of football will have to have Barça DNA. He has to be linked to our idea of football”

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Munir el Haddadi and Sandro Ramierz, both from Barca B, have scored in their debut matches in La Liga this season.

In the first La Liga match this season, against Elche in Camp Nou, Munir scored the 2-0 goal. Barca won that match by 3-0. Messi scored the other two goals.

In the second round of La Liga it was Sandro’s time to score. It was in the away game against Villarreal and Barca won by Sandro’s only goal, 0-1.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Enrique has named an squad consisting of 18 players for tonight’s game against Elche in Copa del Rey in Camp Nou 22:00 CET. It’s the first leg in the last 16 of the Cup.

Luis Enrique has included 2 players from Barca B in the squad, Munir and Samper. Mathieu has a twinge in his Achilles tendon and is rested as precaution. He will be under observation from Barca’s doctors to decide the availability for playing next match.

The squad looks as follows: Ter Stegen, Masip, Montoya, Piqué, Rakitic, Xavi, Pedro, Suárez, Messi, Neymar Jr, Mascherano, Bartra, Jordi Alba, S. Roberto, Adriano, Alves, Samper and Munir .

Bravo, Sergio, Iniesta, Rafinha and Douglas are not named for the squad.


Mixed notices January 7

messi and munir

FC Barcelona and Elche will face three times during January. Two times in Copa del Rey and once in La Liga.

On Thursday, January 8, Barca will meet Elche in Copa del Rey at home in Camp Nou at 22:00 CET. It’s the first leg of the last 16. Thursday January 15 at 22:00 CET they will meet for the second leg. This time the match is played at Martinez Valero stadium. The winner of these two matches will face either Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid in the quarter-finals.

On Saturday January 24 at 18:00 CET Barca and Elche will meet in La Liga, also this match is away at Martinez Valero stadium. The match is in round 19 and starts the second half of the season for Barca.

Barca won the first match of the season against Elche in La Liga by 3-0. Messi scored twice and Munir scored his first goal for the first team in his debut in official competition.

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If we take a look, so are there opportunities to find positive things regarding this La Liga season. We have now met almost all difficult teams away from home and have only Sevills and Bilbao remaining away from home. We have all the other top teams to meet at home and that must be seen as a big advantage for us. There are many who believe that our season is already over, but I appeal to our visitors, do not give up hope. From the very deepest darkness will then daylight shine upon our club.

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Highest transfer value (in euros): Messi 220M, Ronaldo 133M, Hazard 99M, D. Costa 84M, Pogba 72M, Aguero 65M, Sterling 63M, Cesc 62M

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona will offer the 26-year old midfielder Sergio Busquets a renewal of his contract this month. There are several English clubs like Arsenal, Cheslea and Manchester United that follow the player’s situation.

His current contract is valid until June 2018.


Mixed notices January 5


FC Barcelona have sacked Andoni Zubizarreta!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FC Barcelona announced Monday the rescission of Andoni Zubizarreta as director of football. “The president of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu has decided to terminate the contract for the, until now, director of football “. With these words the club has announced that ends linking Andoni Zubizarreta with Barca.

In the same statement, Bartomeu, on behalf of Barça, thank him for “his
contribution, dedication and professionalism over the past four years at the helm of the club management.”

The president Josep Maria Bartomeu will held on Wednesday a press conference.

Former Barcelona player Carles Puyol resigns as assistant sports director of the club, he started at the job in September 2014

Puyol says in a Facebook message that he wants to do other things now, before hopefully returning to the club in the future.


Barca lineup against Real Sociedad 21:00 CET

real sociedad-barca-75

FC Barcelona starting lineup against Real Sociedad tonight at Anoeta, 21:00 CET:
Montoya, Mascherano, Mathieu, Alba
Iniesta Sergio, Xavi,
Pedro, Suarez, Munir

Ter Stegen, Alves, Pique, Messi, Neymar, Rafinha and Rakitic


Mixed notices January 4

xavi dirigent

Xavi: “We were affected by the CAS transfer ban because it’s a terrible injustice.”

Xavi: “It was a hard 2014 for me personally and professionally. The only good decision I made was staying one more year.”

Xavi: “In 2015, I ask for health and titles. We can’t go another year without titles. It’s our main objective.”

Xavi: “It’s hard to compare this year’s team to last year’s. Alexis and Cesc are great players and we had Valdés.”

Xavi: “I didn’t see Barça B’s 7-0 loss but I was surprised. I feel bad for them. I suppose it was an accident.”

bild (183)-red35

Laporta wants Josep Guardiola to return as sports director, and Xavi Hernandez is a candidate to become the coach if he wins in 2016.

bild (183)-red35

Alves: “I’m not free to negotiate with other clubs. I have 6 months left on my deal. No one offered me a renewal.”

Alves: “I’m not accepting to negotiate leaving Barça. I want to leave with dignity like how I started at Barça.”

bild (183)-red35

Midfielder Samper and winger Adama are the two Barcelona B players most likely to be promoted next summer. Halilovic possibly too.

bild (183)-red35

If Messi scores against Real Sociedad today it will be his 300th club goal against Spanish opposition. Now he has 299 goals scored in 353 matches.

Of these 299 goals he has scored most against the following teams:
-> 21 goals Real Madrid and Sevilla
-> 20 goals Atletico Madrid
-> 19 goals Osasuna
-> 15 goals Getafe and Valencia


Mixed notices January 3

pedro and alves-c-125

Pedro needs to score 6 goals to reach 100 goals for Barça. Only 19 players reached that mark.

Messi 375, Cesar Rodriguez 232, Kubala 194, Samitier 178,
Escola 163, Paulinho Alcantara 142, Arocha 134, Rivaldo 130, Samuel Eto”o 130, Mariano Martin 123.

Rexach 122, Kluivert 122, Stoichkov 117, Basara 112, Eulogio Martinez 111, Luis Enrique 109, Zaldua 107, Evaristo 105, Asensi 100,

………Pedro Rodriguez 94

bild (183)-red35

On Sunday January 4, Claudio Bravo will come back to Anoeta for the first time since he left Real Sociedad in the summer. Bravo played in Real Sociedad for 8 years and was also the team’s captain. He made his first appearance in European football in 2006.

Claudio Bravo came to Barca in the summer 2014 and soon he won the confidence of coach Luis Enrique. Bravo has been playing every match in La Liga so far this season. He has only conceded 7 goals in these 16 matches.

bild (183)-red35

Yesterday’s evening training session saw all available players from the first team and Munir from Barca B. Alves, Neymar and Messi were incorporated in this session after their Christmas holidays. Alves trained normally with the group despite not having medical ok. He’s in the final recovering phase from a muscle injury in his left leg.

Focus on this session was naturally the match on Sunday against Real Sociedad in La Liga round 17.

Today will be the last training before the match. On Sunday morning the squad will be announced before the team travels to San Sebastian.


Mixed notices January 1

adriano-4 training-75

The last training 2014 for Barca has been held yesterday morning at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. All available first team players were participating.

Incorporated in this session were Claudio Bravo, Luis Suarez, Rafinha, Douglas and Adriano. Furthermore Munir, Sandro and Samper were attending to this session.

Today there is no training, but on Friday, January 2, they will return to work in the afternoon. On that day will also Alves, Messi and Neymar return from their Christmas holidays.

bild (183)-red35

Iniesta: “My Ballon d’Or votes? Candidates are already voted for. My only wish is that Leo wins. He’s the number one, I enjoy him every day”

Iniesta: “Since the start of the season we’ve been growing, and I think the best is yet to come, both as a team and individually.”

bild (183)-red35

There are many who hate you when you do not have scored in every match. Many people said you ought to be sold immediately or given away. I have over time defended you and knew you were out of shape, I have been told that the goals will come. I have trusted that you once again will make lots of goals and be an important player for FC Barcelona. Now you have scored again and all the haters love you again. Now you have to continue scoring goals and reverse all the haters.

bild (183)-red35

Neymar ends 2014 with winning the award Samba Gold Trophy. The award is given to the best Brazilian footballer playing in Europe.

This is the first time Neymar wins this prize which will be awarded in February.

Among the 30 candidates was also Dani Alves. He finished in 21st position.


Mixed notices December 31

zubizarreta - interview-47

Yesterday CAS rejected the appeal from Barca!

The Court of Arbitration (CAS) has dissmisses the appeal filed by FC Barcelona against FIFA with respect to the judgement of the Appeals Committee on August 19 2014.

This means that the Barca will not be able to sign any new player until January 2016. Of course the club can take home players who are out on loan, like for example Deulofeu and they can also renew players like Dani Alves, whose contract is expiring.

bild (183)-red35

Mascherano: I’m quite simple when it comes to food. I eat everything. I don’t have a favorite meal.”

Mascherano: “Hobbies? I’m not crazy about music. I like reading, watching movies, and TV shows. I try to spend lots of time at home.”

Mascherano: “The show I finished watching is Breaking Bad. It was the best you can find. Movies? I like all kinds.”

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona have on Tuesday evening had their first training after the Christmas break. On this training were the European players plus Mascherao from the first team participating. Furthermore Munir, Samper and Sandro from Barca B were attending to this session. In total were 17 players under the command of Luis Enrique.

In the coming days the rest of the team will come back from their holidays.

Focus on these training sessions is the match on Sunday, January 4 at 21:00, in Anoeta against Real Sociedad.

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Rakitic: “All 3 finalists deserve to win the Ballon d’Or although I think there’s one player in the world that’s different. That’s Messi.”

Rakitic: “There’s only one guy in the world and that’s Messi. Not only should Messi win the Ballon d’Or but every award should be his.”

bild (183)-red35

The referee in the game between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will be Undiano Mallenco. The match will be played at Camp Nou January 11 at 21:00 CET.


Mixed notices December 30

barca training-42-50

Today, Tuesday December 30, at 18:00 CET the team will get back to training. Focus will be on the first match of the new year away against Real Sociedad on Sunday January 4 at 21:00 CET. This will be the first training session since December 19.

Attending to this first training after Christmas holiday will be only the teams’s European players. The day after, January 31, the South American players that have not played for their respective national teams this season will attend.

First on January 3 the whole team are back when the team’s South American players who have been a regular part of their national teams are back in business.
Barca will travel to San Sebastian on Sunday morning and the match begins at 21:00 CET.

The schedule for the upcoming week looks as follows:

Tuesday 30 December
18.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva

Wednesday 31 December
11.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva

Thursday 1 January
No training

Friday 2 January
18.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva

Saturday 3 January
11.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva

Sunday 4 January
21.00 CET: Real Sociedad – FC Barcelona in Anoeta, La Liga round 17

Monday 5 January
11.00 CET: Training open to the public at the Miniestadi

The curtains came down on the career of this legendary defender at the end of the 2013/14 season, when he was 36. Despite his many injuries, Puyol played for FC Barcelona for 15 seasons, and was captain for ten of them.

Among his greatest virtues were his leadership, positioning, strength and speed, making him one of the greatest defenders on the planet for a large part of his career. His courage was one of the many faces of the greatest Barça team in history. He retired as the Club’s second all-time leader in games played. Miss you.

Rivaldo said goodbye last March at the age of 41. From 1997 to 2002, the Brazilian was one of the best ever to wear the blue and claret. The left-footed forward was graceful yet powerful, winning two league titles and a Spanish Cup. He won the Ballon d’Or in 1999. After leaving Barça — where he scored 136 goals — he globetrotted his way through Italy, Greece, Angola, Uzbekistan and Brazil, his career coming to a close while playing for Sao Paolo.


Mixed notices December 29


During January 2015 Barca will play six matches, whereof four in La Liga and two in Copa del Rey.

It all starts on January 4, 21:00 CET, when Barca travel to San Sebastian to play against Real Sociedad at Anoeta in La Liga round 17. Four days later, Thursday January 8 22:00 CET, it’s time for the first leg in the 1/8 of Copa del Rey against Elche in Camp Nou. After that it’s time for Atletico Madrid at home in Camp Nou, Sunday January 11 at 21:00 CET. It’s a match in La Liga round 18.

The following week, Thursday January 15 at 22:00, is it the 2nd leg of 1/8 in Copa del Rey against Elche at Manuel Martinez Valero. It is followed by a match in La Liga round 19 against Deportivo la Coruna at Riazor, Sunday January 18 at 19:00 CET. Saturday January 24 at 18:00 CET Barca will meet Elche away at Manuel Martinez Valero, but this time it’s in La Liga round 20.

bild (183)-red35

Javier Thebes, president of the Professional Football League (LFP), says that Lionel Messi will have a tribute for having surpassed the mark of Telmo Zarra as top scorer in the league.

Messi will receive this recognition at the match Barca-Atletico Madrid on January 11, which will be the first match for Barça at the Camp Nou in 2015.

bild (183)-red35

Most titles from 2011 to 2014 (teams from top4 leagues):
FC Barcelonna 8 – Bayern Munchen 8 – Real Madrid 7
Manchester City 5 – Atletico Madrid 5 – Borussia Dortmund 5 – Juventus 5

bild (183)-red35

Despite several offers for the player, Barcelona plan for Gerard Deulofeu (20), now on loan at Sevilla, to return next summer.


Mixed notices December 28


Neymar: “I don’t know if I’ll ever reach the level of Cristiano or Messi. They’re better than anyone else on the planet.”

Neymar: “Everything takes time. I’m growing each day. Coming to Europe has been a great experience.”

Neymar: “I was happy at Santos, but I wanted a fresh challenge and I hope to keep being happy.”

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona is the shortest team in Spain, but also in Europe. Barca has an average hight of 177,3 cm. The tallest team in La Liga is Real Sociedad with an average of 183,3 cm followed by Atletico with 182 cm meanwhile Real Madrid has an average of 181,6 cm.

In Europe the tallest tem is the Hungarian Diósgyöri VTK with an average of 186,3 cm. In Premier League is Chelsea with 184,4 cm. Bayern Munich, another of the big teams in Europe, has an average of 181,7 cm.

bild (183)-red35

Pedro: “I hope Messi wins the Ballon d’Or because he’s better than Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Pedro: “Although Cristiano had very good numbers in 2014, Messi is superior to anyone so I hope he wins the Ballon d’Or.”

Pedro: “There’s always competition in the team to play. I’m pleased with the opportunities that Luis Enrique has given me this year.”

bild (183)-red35

Puyol: “I always gave everything, couldn’t play any other way and sometimes that led to injuries. My mother is happy that I retired.”

Puyol: “Barça is everything for me. Here I was formed as a person too.”

bild (183)-red35

Messi and Neymar are among the players in L’Équipe Ideal XI. Barca is the third most represented club in the list after Bayern Munich with 4 players and Real Madrid with 3 players.

The XI looks as follows:
Neuer (Bayern Munich), Lahm (Bayern Munich), Hummels (Borussia Dortmund), Ramos (Real Madrid), Alaba (Bayern Munich), Xabi Alonso (Bayern Munich), Di María (Manchester United), Kroos (Real Madrid), NEYMAR (Barça), MESSI (Barça) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid).


Mixed notices December 27

sergi roberto

Rumours says that Stoke City want to incorporate the Barca player Sergi Roberto during the winter market. In the Premier League club are already two other Barca players trained at La Masia playing; Marc Muniesa and Bojan Krkic.

The midfielder didn’t have many minutes this season, with Luis Enrique in command of the team. A departure to Premier League could solve that situation.

Sergi Roberto visited Britannia Stadium last Monday to witness the match between Stoke City and Chelsea.

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Busquets: “Xavi is very professional, he’s really involved with the team, he always helps us, he has a very positive attitude.”

Busquets: “Messi is the best player in history. It’s impossible that there’s someone else who is as talented as Leo.”

bild (183)-red35

Messi’s 29 hat-tricks for Barcelona:
24 games with 3 goals – 4 games with 4 goals – 1 game with 5 goals

bild (183)-red35

Abidal: “I don’t think the Barça which won 6 titles will be repeated. When the team is on top level, more is expected of you.”

Abidal: “Guardiola’s teams can’t be compared with Luis Enrique’s. Every year, it gets harder to win titles.”

Abidal: “I didn’t want to lift the Cup at Wembley. Puyol told me that I would feel alone in the stadium. You’re in a cloud. Everything stops.”

Abidal: “The central defenders are doing well. I think Vermaelen will help the team a lot when he recovers.”

bild (183)-red35

Suarez: “I’m at the best club in the world. Playing with this team was a dream come true and now I want to help to win trophies.”

Suarez: “The whole group welcomed me in an impressive way. They all treated me well. Iniesta, Mascherano and Leo helped me a lot.”

bild (183)-red35

Barcelona have hit the woodwork 36 (!) times in their 56 official matches this calendar year

bild (183)-red35

Messi’s shirt in the Bayern Munich Museum after he broke Muller’s record for most goal in a calendar year in 2012.

Not just in Barcelona and Argentina museums afterall.
Also, I really love the mutual respect that generally exists between Bayern Munich and Barcelona.


Mixed notices December 26


Adama Traoré is beginning to have many clubs interested in him. Among them are several British teams which have shown interest, but apparently Liverpool would be most interested.

Foreign scouts have since long been following Adama for his good performance in Barca B.

Much points to that the youngster can go on loan next season even though he next season should have been promoted to the first team. To play on loan in another club will give him more experience and also, for sure, more playing time.

Much points to that he will go to a club in Premier League, but they will never have an option to buy him.

bild (183)-red35

Most chances created for Barcelona in year 2014:
Messi 139 – Alves 63 – Iniesta 62 – Xavi 62 – Pedro 54 – Neymar 45.
Fabregas 43 – Alba 40 – Alexis 35 – Busquets 26 – Suarez 22.
Adriano 22 – Rakitic 19 – Tello 14 – Rafinha 13 – Roberto 12.
Munir 9 – Montoya 6 – Song 5 – Pique 4 – Mascherano 4 .
Mathieu 4 – Samper 4.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Enrique convinced Pedro to stay last summer. Barcelona rejected several offers from Arsenal for him

bild (183)-red35

Most Barcelona matches in year 2014:
Messi 52 – Pedro 50 – Busquets 45 – Mascherano 45 – Xavi 44 -
Iniesta 43 – Alves 41 – Neymar 36 – Alba 34 – Alexis 32 – Fabregas 30
Adriano 30 – Bartra 29 – Roberto 23 – Rakitic 21 – Pinto 18 – Tello 17

bild (183)-red35

Puyol: “I said that I’d cut my hair when I left football. But as I’m still linked to football in a way, things won’t change for now…”

bild (183)-red35

Most goals by Barcelona defenders in last 5 seasons:
Pique 16 – Adriano 15 – Alves 12 – Puyol 10 – Alba 6

bild (183)-red35

Players with most “pure” hattricks in 2014 from the European top 5 leagues:
-> Messi 4
-> Neymar and Ibrahimovic 3 each
-> Cristiano and Huntelaar 2 each
(pure hattricks = hattricks without penalties)


Mixed notices December 25

Ivan Rakitic 61

Rakitic: It passed quickly with negotiations with FC Barcelona during the football World Cup. I was set to move from I learned about Barca’s interest. I really looked forward to getting to know the players of FC Barcelona and it has been an amazing experience.

Rakitic: Xavi has won everything there is to win, but show a great attitude. It is truly an experience to share dressing room with a legend like Xavi.

Rakitic: I have come to FC Barcelona to work hard every day, but also to enjoy every day. I wake up every morning with a big smile. I know that every day now is a great experience.

Rakitic: All coaches are different, but I think Luis Enrique is quite similar to my coach I had in Seville, Unai Emery. They have basically the same thoughts about training and preparation. Both are also very clear about their ideas and thoughts. There is no doubt, all the details are clear and their ideas gets usually well performances from the team.

bild (183)-red35

Abidal: “Messi says I’m the number one? We all know he’s the number one. But I’m grateful to him and all others for their support.”

Abidal: “I’ve won everything at Barça, this is my second family.I told Bartomeu that I would return to Barça. When? I don’t know. But I will return.”

bild (183)-red35

Puyol: “Player that was most difficult to mark? Messi.Played against him in many training sessions. He’s the best player in the world.”

Puyol: “After playing for 20 years, my idea was to rest a bit. But Barça offered me this chance and I thought it was really interesting.”

bild (183)-red35

In the 21st century: 2014 is the first year in wich 5 different players scored hattricks for Barcelona (Alexis, Tello, Messi, Neymar, Pedro)

bild (183)-red35

Most Barça hattricks in the 21st century:
Messi 29 – Kluiverts 5 – Eto’o 4 – Ronaldinho 4 – Pedro 3.
Enrique 2 – Saviola 2 – Rivaldo 2 – Henry 2 – Neymar 2.

bild (183)-red35

Barça will have an open training session on January 5th at 11 CET at the Miniestadi. It will be streamed live on their Youtube channel

bild (183)-red35

In January 2015, Morocco will have their own FCB School. The school will be situated in Casablanca and its aim is to give young players the opportunity to learn the game, both technically and tactically, just like the way youngsters have been at FC Barcelona for years.

Children between the age of 5 to 15 will be trained and they will follow the same model used in the FCB School in Barcelona.

FC Barcelona have already a dozen FCB Schools internationally: Fukuoka (Japan), Singapore, Dubai, Egypt, Warsaw (Poland), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Florida (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Lima (Peru), Delhi (India). With the school in Morocco, the Club continues its international expansion.

FC Barcelona has also more than 100 FCB Camps set up around the world.


Mixed notices December 24

bartra-26 and montoya-a

Nine Barca players are called to the Catalan friendly match with the Basque Country at the new San Mames in Bilbao on Sunday December28.

The players are Martin Montoya, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Xavi Hernandez, Marc Bartra, Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto and Jordi Masip all from the first team plus Sergi Samper from Barca B.

In the Catalan squad we also can see several players with a past in Barca such as Jonathan Soriano, Andreu Fontas and Sergi Gomez. Also included in the squad is Gerard Deulofe, who currently is on loan at Sevilla.

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona are looking to enter into a contract extension with Jordi Alba shortly. Jordi Alba’s current contract expires in 2017.

bild (183)-red35

Puyol: “I’ve never wanted to be coach, because I want a bit of freedom. But I might do the course and we’ll see if I change my mind.”

Puyol: “My best goal? The one I scored at the Bernabeu, in that 2-6 against Madrid. With Spain, the one in the World Cup semi against Germany.”

bild (183)-red35

There have been changes in the match calendar for FC Barcelona. The second leg in Copa del Rey away against Elche will be played on Thursday January 15 at 22:00 CET.

The match in La Liga in round 19 against Deportivo la Coruña, also that an away game, will be played on Sunday January 18 at 19:00 CET.

bild (183)-red35

Dani Alves and Neymar Jr are both among the candidates for the award for the best Brazilian footballers in Europe.

They are on the shortlist of 30 players. The winner will be announced in Fegruary.

Thiago Silva has won the three last editions. 2011 came Dani Alves second. This is the seventh edition of this award that has existed since 2008.


Mixed notices December 23

neymar - 2

Neymar: “What’s the best thing about the team? The friendship that we all have.”

Neymar: “The goal I want to score is in the Champions League and win the title. I see it happen in the 2015 Champions League final in Berlin.”

Neymar: “Who are the best women in the world? The Brazilian women.”

bild (183)-red35

Messi in 2014:
Liga: 36 games, 35 goals, 14 assists
CL: 10 games, 10 goals, 2 assists
Copa: 6 games, 5 goals, 3 assists

bild (183)-red35

Messi and Iniesta and Pedro are the only Barça players to give assists in all 3 competitions (Liga+Copa+UCL) in 2014

bild (183)-red35

La Masia graduates scored 95 goals for Barcelona in 2014, that’s 69% of the goals scored by all Barça players this calendar year

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona are already in contact with Neymar’s father to close an extension agreement for the player. The current contract is valid until June 30, 2018. The extension will be due to 2020.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Suarez record in year 2014 (( Liverpool+Barcelona+Uruguay ))
39 games (( 22+11+6 ))
20 goal (( 12+3+5 ))
15 assists (( 9+6+0 ))

bild (183)-red35

According to well known sources will FC Barcelona play a friendly game in Qatar on Wednesday February 4. The opponent is not decided yet.

bild (183)-red35

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United are interested in Sergio Busquets next summer.

bild (183)-red35

Exactly 2 years ago, yesterday December 22y, Messi scored his 91st goal in a calender year. He also made 24 assists that year. That’s absolutely unreal! The greatest of all time!


Mixed notices December 22


Andres Iniesta was this Sunday morning talking to BarcaTV after the victory against Cordoba by 5-0, it was an obviously satisfied Andres Iniesta. We won the game and that was our goal, said Iniesta with a big smile. We needed three points to keep on in the top battle. We have a good end to the year, but now we have to take 3 points in every game that comes along.

Our team has an upward spiral meant our midfielders and we are getting better every game going. We have not reached our peak yet, but we will soon and then we will be very hard to beat. We will recharge our batteries during the leave and come back stronger than ever, according to Andres Iniesta.

I hope we will have lots of good football in 2015, for it’s great game that gives us the titles. On a more personal level Iniesta said that he feels still important for the team and I work really hard to help the team.

bild (183)-red35

Barça GOALS 2014-15.
Messi 23, Neymar 14.
Pedro 7, Rakitic 4, Sandro 4, Suarez 3, Pique 3, Iniesta 2.
Munir 1, Xavi 1, Alba 1, Busquets 1, Rafinha 1, Adriano 1, Roberto 1, Adama 1.

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona beat Córdoba 5-0 in the last match of 2014. Coincidentally, it was a repeat of the last time the Andalusians visited Camp Nou in the return leg of the round of 16 in the 2012/13 Spanish Cup.

Fact is that, Barça hadn’t won 5-0 at Camp Nou since week 30 in the 2012/13 season when they beat Mallorca. They have won 5-0 once this season, but it was away against Levante in round 4.

Gerard Piqué scored his third goal of the season. The other two came against APOEL in Champions League and against Espanyol in La Liga.

Luis Suárez scored against Cordoba his first league goal. He has scored two in the Champions League.

Leo Messi has 15 goals in 16 league games this season, tops on the team.

Another player on a hot streak is Pedro Rodríguez, who scored a hat trick in Tuesday’s game against Huesca and then scored in the first minute on Saturday.

bild (183)-red35

Xavi has spoken at a press conference in Egypt.
- My main goal this season is to win titles with FC Barcelona. This also applies if the bench is my destiny this season.

- Guardiola’s era was absolutely outstanding. but also basically impossible to repeat. The other teams have studied us carefully and know more today about how we play.

- If I can think of to play for Real Madrid ?? I’m a FC Barcelona player in every element and I would not feel comfortable with playing at Real Madrid.

- I’m in FC Barcelona and will work hard to get to stay here as long as possible.


Mixed notices after Barca-Cordoba 5-0

barca-cordoba 5-0

60.066 spectators at Camp Nou saw FC Barcelona – Cordoba ended with 5-0 (1-0)
Goal scorers:
1-0 Pedro min 2
2-0 Suarez min 53
3-0 Pique min 79
4-0 Messi min 82
5-0 Messi min 91

Barca had the possession during the game with 77% to 23 for Cordoba.
The referee provided 1 yellow card in the match, to Sergio Busquets. Barca got 8 corners and Cordoba 0.

Pedro: “Rumours in England about Arsenal interest? It’s just paper talk. I want to stay and have a great year at Barça.
Pedro: “Montoya? He’s a great player, he could play at Barça for years. I know his situation is difficult, he’ll have to make a decision.”
Pedro: “I’m happy with the job today, a pity of last weekend’s draw. Another goal? I was calm, I knew the goals would come.”

Luis Enrique: “Odegaard can play at Barça? That’s the Norwegian kid…? I don’t know. He seems to have many offers, it’s up to him to decide…”
Luis Enrique: “Neymar not playing? He’s fine, but he completed only one training after his injury. The game went well, so there was no need for him to play.”
Luis Enrique: “Montoya? I don’t know what will happen, he has now played two games and he did well. He knows his situation can change.”

Luis Suarez: Winning the game was much more important than my goal.
Luis Suarez: Now we need to get some rest and start thinking about our upcoming matches.
Luis Suarez: Many things have happened to me this year, some I would forget. But there are also things that made me happy like that I’ve come to the best club in the world.

Pedro continues to score. Against Cordoba he made the opening score, just after 1 minute play. That goal was just a few days since he scored hattrick in Copa del Rey against Huesca.

The month of December have been “magic”. Pedro has scored 6 goals during this month, The first came in the Catalan derby against Espanyol, The other were 3 against Huesca nd 1 against Cordoba.

With six goals he is now equal to the number of goals that Messi has scored during December. They are both Barca’s top goal scorers for the month.

In total Pedro has scored 94 goals for the club whereof 55 in La Liga, 19 in Copa del Rey, 15 in Champions League, 2 in Spanish Supercup, 1 in European Supercup and 2 in the Clubs World Cup. That means that he has scored in every one of the major competitions that Barca has participated in.


Barca starting lineup against Cordoba

neymar-14 arriving at camp nou

FC Barcelona starting lineup against Cordoba this afternoon, 16:00 CET:
Montoya, Pique, Mascherano, Alba
Rakitic, Sergio, Iniesta
Pedro, Messi, Suarez

Ter Stegen, Mathieu, Rafinha, Xavi, Adriano, Neymar and Munir


Mixed notices December 20

neymar training-4-65

FC Barcelona have trained this Friday morning at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. They continued with the preparations for tomorrow’s match in La Liga against Cordoba 16:00 CET at Camp Nou.

All available players from the first team plus Munir from Barca B was attending to this session. Neymar trained with the group and Dani Alves continued working apart from the group due to some discomfort in his left thigh.

Neymar got medical ok after the training session and is available for play.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Enrique: Cordoba can hurt us on the counter attacks, with players like Ghilas or wingers like Fidel or Borja.

Luis Enrique: We must be effective, trying to attack and have to leave few options for them to create counter attacks.

Luis Enrique: Neymar got medical ok and is available for play. I will decide if I include him in the squad or not.

Luis Enrique: It’s been an amazing year for me – I’ve coached Celta in the top flight and returned home to Barça – this is paradise, it’s like Disneyland………….

bild (183)-red35

Fomer (2007-2013) Barcelona defender Eric Abidal (35) has announced at a press conference that he retires.

Eric Abidal: “I have an offer from Barcelona, but I will make a decision later. I first want to rest and spend time with my family.”

bild (183)-red35

Yesterday, Friday, Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta received 2013 IFFHS award at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. The vice -president of the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS), Robert Ley, was handing over the awards

Iniesta was announced as the best playmaker in the world. This was the second consecutive time that he won the award. He succeeded Xavi Hernandez who has won this award four times.

Lionel Messi also won the award for the 2nd time in a row. He got the award for 2013 thanks to his 46 scored goals in 32 matches played 2013. He was the highest goal scorer in the main football leagues in the world.

bild (183)-red35

In the last 8 years, Barcelona always conceded goals in their last Liga game of the calendar year, except once: 2009, 1-0 against Espanyol.

In the last 6 years, Barcelona always win the last game of the calendar year except once: 2010, 0-0 draw against Athletic


Mixed notices December 19


Adama: “My mirror was Ronaldinho and Ronaldo and now it’s Messi.”

Adama: “I’m prepared for the first team. I have the mentality necessary to be on there.”

Adama: “From the first day I was in the dressing room, everyone helped me and on the field also.”

bild (183)-red35

Olympiacos coach Michel confirmed that Eric Abidal will be retiring this month, and will return to FC Barcelona to take up a post at the club’s Academy

bild (183)-red35

The Spanish league game between FC Barcelona-Real Madrid at Camp Nou next year will be played on Sunday 22 March at 21:00 CET

bild (183)-red35

Messi’s best scoring season (2011/2012) was also his worst disciplinary season: 9 yellow cards!
Messi against English teams:
20 games (1704 minutes played): 8 wins, 7 draws, 5 losses
10 goals, 3 assists

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona’s next opponent in Copa del Rey will be Elche. They defeated Valladolid with 1-0 (agg 1-0). The first leg will be played at Camp Nou Thursday January 8 at 22:00 CET. The second leg will be played one week later away at Elche (date and time not confirmed yet).

Elche was promoted to Primera Division 2013/14 after being playing in the division below since 1989/90.

This season Barca started at home in the 1st round of La Liga against Elche and won by 3-0(1-0). The season before, 2013/14, Barca won by 4-0(2-0) at home and away a draw, 0-0.

In Copa del Rey they have met in 1/8 final 1962/63 and in 1/4 final 1965/66. Barca moved further from those meetings.


Training session focused on last game of year


The Barça first team have begun their preparations for Satruday’s league clash with Córdoba at Camp Nou (4PM CET), their final game before the holiday break. Luis Enrique’s squad enjoyed a day off on Wednesday following their victory over Huesca in the Spanish Cup. All the first team players were present at the session with the exception of the injured Neymar and Dani Alves who continued with their recovery work apart from the rest of the squad. The Brazilian striker has an ankle problem whilst his countryman has a calf strain picked up in the draw against Getafe.

Munir, Sandro and Diagne from the B squad completed the group for Thursday’s session with the another programmed for Friday morning.


Xavi Hernandez

Xavi Hernandez 6

Ten Barça players attended a commercial event on Wednesday, and some of them used the occasion to discuss the team’s current situation and the games to come. Xavi, Rakitic, Jordi Alba, Ter Stegen, Douglas and Rafinha of the first team and Adama, Halilovic, Munir and Sandro of Barça B were speaking the day after the comfortable victory in the Spanish Cup.

Xavi Hernández described his optimism for the rest of the season. “We’ll be going for every trophy” he insisted. “We know it’ll be difficult but we’ll be going for them all. We are on good track, the team is working hard and things will go well.” On a more personal note, the first team captain admitted that “I’m nearing the end of my career … But I’m as excited as I was on the very first day. Passion for football and playing for the best team in the world is what keeps me motivated.”

For any player in the B team, our role model is Leo Messi

He also discussed how impressed he is with the way the younger players are progressing. “You only have to look at yesterday’s match to see that” he said, referring to the 8-1 win against Huesca. One of those youngsters is Adama, who spoke about how much it meant to him to have scored his first official goal for the club. He also revealed that his boyhood idols were Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, “but for any player in the B team, our role model is Leo Messi”.

Two of the summer signings, Ivan Rakitic and Ter Stegen, discussed the upcoming fixture list. Next Saturday, the last game of 2014 sees FCB entertain Cordoba at the Camp Nou. It is very important to end the year well” said the Croat. “We want to win and bring some joy to the supporters.” The German goalkeeper looked further ahead to the Champions League meeting with Manchester City. “It’s one of the hardest games we could have drawn” he admitted. “We will have to be focused and work bravely if we want to qualify.”

This day 3 years ago

Bild 830

18-12-2011: Barcelona won their 2nd Club’s World Cup after beating Santos 4-0. What a masterpiece of game that was.

From then and until today, Barcelona remain the only European club with 2 CWC titles.


Mixed notices December 18

luis enrique-20 during match

Luis Enrique: It’s hard to imagine a game better than this.

Luis Enrique: The players showed mentality, attitude and defence.

Luis Enrique: These kind of matches are not easy. Huesca was much better than the division they are playing in at the moment.

Luis Enrique: We played a great game on defence and that’s very good.

Luis Enrique: I’m very happy to see the nearly 45.000 spectators who came to see the match, despite the late hour.

bild (183)-red35

Sandro Ramirez, Barca B, is the only player to score for the first team in all official competitions this season; La Liga, Champions League and Copa del Rey.

He has in total played 263 minutes with the first team and his goals are distributed as follows: La Liga 2, Champions League 1 and Copa del Rey 1. That gives that he scores every 66th minute.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Enrique has so far this season used 27 players whereof 22 from the first team and five from Barca B.The players from Barca B are Munir, Sandro, Samper, Ié and Adama.

After that Adriano and Adama scored in yesterday’s match, 16 different player have now, so far this season, scored for Barca.

bild (183)-red35

Against Huesca Adriano scored his 15th goal for Barca. It was his first this season and his 4th in Copa del Rey.


Barca stats

Ivan Rakitic 7

Barça goals 2014/15.

Messi 21, Neymar 14, Pedro 6

Rakitic & Sandro 4

Suarez 2, Pique 2, Iniesta 2

Munir 1, Xavi 1, Alba 1, Busq 1, Rafinha 1, Adriano 1, Roberto 1, Adama 1.

Barça assist 2014/15.

Messi 9, Luis Suarez 6, Iniesta 5, Alves 4, Rafinha 4

Neymar 3, Alba 3, Pedro 3

Xavi 2, Rakitic 2, Munir 2, Roberto 2

Busquets 1, Pique 1, Bartra 1, Adriano 1, Montoya 1.


Rafinha Alcantara

Rafinha Alcantara 2

Rafinha didn’t get on the scoresheet in the 8-1 win over Huesca, but as he told Barça TV’s ·El Marcador” programme: “you have to take your chance with every minute you get on the pitch and all of the players did that tonight. The team is playing well and full of confidence and we have to try and go for everything”.

Rafinha’s been out of action for much of the season with injuries, but he insisted: “I’m feeling confident – I’m in one of the biggest teams in the world and the most important thing is that I am learning from my teammates and continuing to grow. I’ve always been a midfielder, but I’ve even ended up playing at left back at Barça – the most important thing is to be playing, it doesn’t matter what position”.

I am learning from my teammates and continuing to grow.

Looking to the future, Rafinha made it clear that victory was the only thing the players had on their mind for Saturday’s last league game of 2014 against Cordoba at the Camp Nou: “we want to close the year with a win”. There’s also the next round of the Champions League waiting in the New Year and Rafinha believes: “City are a very strong team, but so are we and we are full of confidence – if you want to be Champions, you’ve got to beat the best”.


Mixed notices after Barca-Huesca 8-1


44.884 spectators saw FC Barcelona win against Huesca by 8-1. Barca are now through to the last 16 in Copa del Rey. Opponents in the next round will be the winner between Elche and Valladolid.

Goal scoreres:
1-0 Pedro min 19
2-0 Pedro min 25
3-0 Sergi Roberto min 28
4-0 Iniesta min 38
5-0 Pedro min 42
6-0 Adrinao min 66
7-0 Adama min 76
8-0 Sandro min 80
8-1 David Moreno min 84

Assists: Rafinha 2,
Iniesta Munir Roberto Adriano Montoya 1 each

Barca had the possession with 75% against 25% for Huesca.

This was goalkeeper Jordi Masip’s official debut with Barça’s first team. He also appeared in the Catalan Super Cup.

Pedro scored his 4th Hat-trick in his professional career (Barcelona 3, Spain 1)

Hat-trick by Pedro in 24 minutes(19′ 25′ 42′): a Barca player had not scored 3 in the first half of a Copa match since May 31st 1968 (Mendonça): 16′ 32′ 37′)

Javier Mascherano played his official match number 200 with FC Barcelona against Huesca. It’s just over four year since he arrived to the club.

This season he has played 16 matches, whereof 10 in La Liga, 5 in Champions League and 1 in Copa del Rey.

He has with Barca so far won 8 titles:
2 La Liga
1 Champions League
1 Club World Cup
1 European Supercup
1 Copa del Rey
2 Spanish Super Cups


Barca starting lineup against Huesca in Copa del Rey 22:00 CET


FC Barcelona starting lineup against Huesca in Copa del Rey at Camp Nou 22:00 CET:
Montoya, Bartra, Mascherano, Adriano
Iniesta, Samper, Sergi Roberto
Munir, Rafinha, Pedro

Ter Stegen, Douglas, Diagne, Adama and Sandro


Mixed notices December 16

barca training-75-65

FC Barcelona has been training this morning, Monday, at Ciutat Esportivo Joan Gamper. It was an exercise in substantial rain and strong winds. Monday’s workout was a preparation for Tuesday’s match in Copa del Rey against Huesca at Camp Nou 22.00 CET

We noted that the two Brazilians, Neymar Jr and Dani Alves, made specific training outside the group. All the other available practiced fully and had this day been joined by the following players: Munir, Sandro, Adama, Diagne and Samper.

The next training session is this morning, Tuesday, at 10.00 CET. Luis Enrique will then also announce the 16 man squad for tonight’s game.

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona’s next opponent in Champions League is
Manchester City

The first leg in the 1/8 will be played against City in Manchester on Tuesday February 24 with the return leg at Camp Nou on Wednesday March 18.

FC Barcelona’s record against Manchester City so far: 2 wins – 0 draws – 0 losses. Goals: 4-1

The weekend thereafter, 21-22 March, Barca will face Real Madrid in el Clasico in Camp Nou.

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona has qualified from the group stage in the last 11 CL seasons, and have faced an English team in the round of 16 in 6 times of those seasons.

FC Barcelona are the only team to register a clean sheet away against Manchester City in a Champions League game

FC Barcelona has more wins and more goals scored against English teams than against teams from any other foreign country.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Enrique: “Agüero is amongst the top 10 players in the world, but I’ll stick with Messi as the number 1 ahead of the rest

Luis Enrique: “Being 4 points off the lead isn’t at all definitive. We’ve seen how things can change

Luis Enrique: “Playing in February against a team like Manchester City, it will be key to go into the game in top form

Luis Enrique: I always think positively and I am just thinking of winning the tie against Manchester City


Mixed notices December 15


This Sunday morning the team were back in training. All available first team player and Munir el Haddadi from Barca B were participating.

Dani Alves made special work due to hamstring strain and is not actual for play on Tuesday in Copa del Rey. There are no information yet how long he will be sidelined. He was injured during yesterday’s match.

Next training for the team is this morning, Monday, and focus is of course the match in Copa del Rey against Huesca on Tuesday December 16 at 22:00 CET. The match will be played in Camp Nou.

bild (183)-red35

Barça conceded 7 goals in the first 15 Liga games, that’s the 2nd best defensive tally in the history of the club (6 goals in 86/87 & 68/69)

bild (183)-red35

Xavi has been directly involved in 250 goals in his 740 Barcelona games 84 goals and 166 assists

bild (183)-red35

The coming week’s match and trainings schedule:
Monday 15
10:30 CET: Training at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.
12:00 CET: UEFA Champions League second round draw.

Tuesday 16
11:00 CET: Training at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.
22:00 CET: Spanish Cup 1/16 second leg. FC Barcelona – Huesca at Camp Nou.

Wednesday 17
11:00 CET: Training at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

Thursday 18
11:00 CET: Training at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

Friday 19
11:00 CET: Training at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

Saturday 20
16:.00 CET: La Liga , round 15. FC Barcelona – Cordoba at Camp Nou.

Sunday 21
Christmas holiday begins

bild (183)-red35

Today we will know which team FC Barcelona we will meet in the coming matches in Champions Leageu’s knockout phase.
The draw will be held in Nyon at 12:00 CET.

Possible teams for Barca to meet: Juventus, Basel, Bayer Leverkusen, Arsenal, Manchester City, Schalke 04 and Shakhtar Donetsk.
The first match will be played 17-25 February and the second leg 10-18 March.

The draw for the quarter-finals will be held on March 20 at 12:00 CET while the semifinals will be drawn on April 24 at 12:00 CET.

Mixed notices after Getafe-Barca 0-0

getafe-barca start-75

The match between Getafe and FC Barcelona ended with a goalless draw (0-0). A frustrating afternoon for many.

The Catalans dominated from start to finish and had a huge ball possession (76% to 24% for Getafe), but the goals just didn’t want to come

Barça were the better side if you look at possession, but Getafe limited themselves to neutralizing that superiority and got away with a point. Both teams had 2 attempts each on target and Barca had 1 to the post.

Barca have never won La Liga when they’ve failed to defeat Getafe at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez.

Luis Enrique: “We knew it would be complicated. The opponent was physically strong. I think we were clearly the better team.”

Luis Enrique: “Great save Bravo? That’s what the goalkeeper is there for, to save the chances of the opponents.”

Luis Enrique: “4 points behind Madrid now? The league is long, we were also 4 ahead at some point, we need to keep on working.”

Luis Enrique: “I’m not unhappy with how the team played. We used the same system as we always do. We created many chances today.”

Xavi: “This is a step back after the good games in the last weeks. We had 3-4 good chances, but the ball didn’t want to go in.”

FC Barcelona have kept 10 clean sheets in the first 15 Liga rounds of the season, this has not happen since 1986/1987

Rakitic: “We have to analyze this game, we didn’t play well. We have to be self-critical and we will be.”

Rakitic “There’s still a long way to go. We have to focus on ourselves. This result does nothing to change our ideas”

Player ratings according to the fans after Getafe-Barca 0-0:
Bravo 7,0
Alba 4,1 – Mathieu 3,7 – Pique 3,7 – Alves 2,6
Sergio 3,1 – Rakitic 3,3 – Xavi 3,6
Messi 4,3 – Suarez 3,5 – Pedro 2,8

Substitutes: Iniesta 3,5 – Munir 2,5 – Adriano 2,8
Coach: Enrique 2,0
Team average: 3,5


FC Barcelona starting lineup against Getafe 16:00 CET


FC Barcelona starting lineup this afternoon, 16:00 CET, against Getafe:
Alves Pique Mathieu Alba
Rakitic Busquets Xavi
Messi Suarez Pedro

Stegen, A.Iniesta, Rafinha, Mascherano, Bartra, Adriano & Munir


Mixed notices December 13


Barca have made their final training session before the match, Saturday, in Madrid against Getafe.

All available first team players and Munir from Barca B were participating. The only absent was Thomas Vermaelen.

Neymar will not travel to Madrid as precaution. He felt some discomfort during the training. Furthermore Montoya, Douglas, Sergi Roberto and Masip are not named due to technical reason.

The 18 man squad looks as follows: Ter Stegen, Bravo, Piqué, Rakitic, Sergio, Xavi, Pedro, Iniesta, Suárez, Messi, Rafinha, Mascherano, Bartra, Jordi Alba, Adriano, Dani Alves, Mathieu and Munir.
The team traveled to Madrid Friday evening. The match starts today 16:00 CET.

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Luis Enrique: “I value Montoya’s attitude. His situation is difficult, but it’s not impossible to change.”

Luis Enrique: “About Douglas? He needs time to adapt. If he can do here what he did at Sao Paulo, he will help us. We’ll see if and when he can do it.”

Luis Enrique: “Liga referees this season? Won’t comment. They have a difficult job. I won’t lose energy with something I can’t control.”

Luis Enrique: “Any team we face in Champions League has quality. We will see what happens on Monday in the drawings.”

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Javier Mascherano can make his 200th official Barcelona appearance on Saturday against Getafe. He has now 199 appearances for the club.

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> Messi 1260 minutes in 14 games
> Bravo 1260 minutes in 14 games
> Sergio 1060 minutes in 13 games
> Alves 990 minutes in 11 games
> Alba 982 minutes in 11 games
> Mathieu 977 minutes in 12 games


Mixed notices December 12

luis suarez-19 training

This Thursday morning Barca were back in training after yesterday’s match against PSG. All available first team players were participating except Gerard Pique, Lionel Messi and Neymar doing specific work.

As usual this season, Munir El Haddadi from Barca B was taking part of this training session. The main focus was to Saturday’s match against Getafe away 16:00 CET.

Next training session will take part today in the afternoon at 17:00 CET. After that, about 18:45 CET, the team will leave for Madrid for the meeting with Getafe in the 15th round of La Liga.

Luis Enrique will speak at the press conference before the training session.

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The agent of Barcelona right back Martin Montoya (23) met this morning with Zubizarreta. He said that player wants to leave in January

After the meeting with Barcelona this morning, Montoya’s agent will this afternoon meet with the player to make a decision about future.

Some says that the club had offered him to go on loan for a year and a half, but both player and representative would have ruled that out and instead opening the door for a transfer with a purchase back option for Barca.

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Thomas Vermaelen is continuing with his recovery and rehab process at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper after his surgery last week.

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FC Barcelona is the first team in history to win their Champions League group in 8 consecutive seasons.

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FC Barcelona and Saturday’s opponent, Getafe, have met in La Liga 20 times.

Of these matches, Barca have :
14 wins,
4 draws
2 losses (07/08 in round 12 2-0 and 11/12 in round 14 1-0)
44 goals scored
17 goals conceded.

Last season, 13/14, in round 17 Barca won away by 2-5 (2-3)
Goal scorers for Barca were Pedro with a hattrick and Fabregas with 2 goals.

At home in the 36th round it was a draw, 2-2 (1-1)
Goal scorers for Barca in that match was Messi and Alexis.

The teams have also met in Copa del Rey 4 times. Barca have 3 wins and 1 loss, 11 scored goals and 6 conceded.


Mixed notices after Barca-PSG 3-1

luis suarez-18 goal in cl

82,570 spectators saw FC Barcelona win in Camp Nou against PSG by 3-1. Our three attackers scored in this match. With the win Barca won group F in the group stage of Champions League. PSG ended in second place.

Barca had the possession with 60 % to 40 % for PSG. This was the second consecutive match that Barca didn’t got any yellow card.

Goal scoreres
0-1 Ibrahimovic min 14
1-1 Messi min 18
2-1 Neymar min 40
3-1 Suarez min 76

Possible rivals for Barça in the last 16 are: Juventus, Basel, Bayer Leverkusen, Arsenal, Manchester City, Schalke 04 and Shakhtar

This was FC Barcelona’s 150th victory in Champions LEague. The Catalans are third in the all-time list behind only Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Xavi Hernández is now the player with the most appearances in the Champions League (152) and his team-mate Leo Messi recently set a new record for goals in the competition (75).

Barcelona goals this season (all comp):
Messi 21
Neymar 14
Rakitic 4
Sandro Pedro 3
Suarez Pique 2
Munir Xavi Alba Busquets Iniesta Rafinha 1

Luis Enrique: “We left out one of the players who is in best form now – Alba. We try to hurt the opponent with the players I have.”


FC Barcelona starting lineup against PSG 20:45 CET


FC Barcelona starting lineup against PSG tonight 20:45 CET at Camp Nou:

Ter Stegen
Pedro, Pique, Bartra, Mathieu,
Sergio, Mascherano, Iniesta
Messi, Suarez, Neymar

Claudio Bravo, Xavi, Rakitic, Adriano, Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto and Munir


Mixed notices December 10

barca training-73-60

Yesterday, Tuesday, Barca continued with their preparations for the game against PSG tomorrow. All available first team players plus Munir and Sandro. Apart from the group were Vermaelen, who is injured, and Rafinha with a virus.

Both Rafinha and Alves are suspended for the game tomorrow.

The team will train at the same time today, when also the definitive squad will be revealed.

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Today it’s time for the last match in Champions League’s group stage. FC Barcelona will receive PSG in Camp Nou at 20:45. It’s a match that will decide which team will end up in first and second place in the group. Both teams have already booked their place among the last 16. PSG, with 13 points, only needs a draw to stay in the lead, while Barca, with 12 points, have to win to be first in the group.

FC Barcelona have two players suspended, Dani Alves and Rafinha Alcantara. Furthermore Vermaelen is injured. PSG has Bahebeck injured and Thiago Motta is doubtful for play.

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Ter Stegen: “The team is getting better each game and I want to improve too, show my best.”

Ter Stegen: “Messi is a phenomenon, what he does on the pitch is madness. It sure is better to have him in your team than play against him.”

Ter Stegen: “Playing in Liga too? That’s not up to me to decide. If I perform well and train hard, I’ll have more chances…”

Ter Stegen: “To be goalkeeper at Barça, you need to have the right attitude and believe in yourself. I have those things.”

Ter Stegen: “Using both legs? I started doing that since I was a kid. For me, it’s a normal thing to do.”

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FC Barcelona Juvenil A met PSG yesterday, Tuesday evening. It was the last game in the group stage of UEFA Youth leage. The match was played at Miniestadi and ended with a draw, 0-0. This result gives that Juvenil A are further to the last 16 in the tournament.

Starting lineup Juvenil A: Onana, Palencia, Juanma, Quinti, R. Tarín, Sarsanedas, Enguene, Moha, Padilla, Amir and Ros
Substitutes Juvenil A: Andreu (ps), A. Corredera, A. Arjona, Aitor C., T. Chendri, Carbonell and Julen

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Official: The Barcelona B forward Munir El Haddadi (19), who is with first team since summer, has signed a new updated contract, with a new buyout fee is 35 million euros. The duration of the contract is still the same, June 2017.

The signing ceremony, which took place at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, was attended by the sports vice president Jordi Mestre and football director Andoni Zubizarreta.


Mixed notices December 9

barca training-72-75

Yesterday, Monday, the team was back in training, now with focus on Wednesday’s match in Champions League against PSG in Camp Nou 20:45 CET.
All available players from the first tam plus Munir were participating in this training session.

Luis Enrique has almost a full squad to pick from to the match. It’s only Dani Alves and Thomas Vermaelen that will be unavailable. Alves is suspended due to too many yellow cards (3) and Vermaelen has begun his recovery process afer his surgery.

Rafinha Alcantara will also be unavailable due to his red card (2 x yellow) in the last match against APOEL.

Before yesterday’s session Iniesta, Rakitic, Bravo, Messi and Alba had to take a drug test. These tests are a normal requirement for all professional sports team.

bild (183)-red35

Upcoming week’s schedule for the first team:
Tuesday 9
11:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

Wednesday 10
11:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
20:45 CET: FC Barcelona – Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League group stage round 6

Thursday 11
11:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

Friday 12
17:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
18:45 CET: Trip to Madrid

Saturday 13
16:00 CET: Getafe – FC Barcelona, La Liga round 15.

Sunday 14
11:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

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FIFA has informed Barcelona that they can’t sign another player to replace Vermaelen, who is out due to long-term thigh injury, even if La Liga rules allows that.

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Lionel Messi is now:
> La Liga’s all-time scorer.
> Champions League’s all-time scorer.
> El Clásico’s all-time scorer.
> El Derbi’s all-time scorer.
> Barça’s all-time scorer

All these 5 records were broken via hattrick (!)

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Messi has hit the woodwork 7 times in the league this season, more than any other player in La Liga.
15 of Barcelona’s shots have hit the post/cross-bar this season: Messi 7, Neymar 2, Munir 2, Iniesta 1 Pedro 1 Suarez 1 Rakitic 1


Mixed notices after Barca-Espanyol 5-1

messi-38 goal

76.057 spectators at Camp Nou saw Barca win by 5-1 against Espanyol. Lionel Messi scored a new hattrick in this match, his 5th this calender year.
Goal scorers:
0-1 S Garcia min 12
1-1 Messi min 45
2-1 Messi min 49
3-1 Pique min 52
4-1 Pedro min 76
5-1 Messi min 80
Barca’s asissts were given by Pedro, Suarez, Rakitic, Xavi and Alba.

Barca had the possession during the match with 78% to 22% for Espanyol.

Lionel Messi (now with 12 goals) becomes the all-time topscorer in the derbies against Espanyol

Lionel Messi for club and country this season: – 23 appearances – 23 goals – 11 assists

Lionel Messi scored his 21th hattrick in the match against Espanyol. He has now scored 3 hattricks in the latest 4 matches.

The Barca players showed their support to Thomas Vermalen before the match.
Thomas Vermalen on social media: Great win, congrats guys! I would like to thank the team for their amazing support. Much appreciated!

Messi has now scored 402 goals for Barcelona including friendlies (374+28)
Of the 402 goals, 374 have come in 443 official games while 28 have come in friendlies. In La Liga alone he now has 256 goals, good enough to be the top scorer in the history of the league after surpassing Zarra.

Sergio Busquets made his 300th official appearance for Barcelona against Espanyol. Record for these 300 games: 217W, 54D, 29L

Xavi Hernández played in his 30th career La Liga derby versus Espanyol


Barca starting lineup against Espanyol


FC Barcelona starting lineup against Espanyol today 17:00 CET:
Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Alba
Rakitic, Sergio, Xavi
Messi, Suarez, Neymar

Ter Stegen, Pedro, A.Iniesta, Rafinha, Adriano, Mathieu and Munir


Mixed notices FC Barcelona – Espanyol 17:00 CET


Yesterday morning Barca had the last preparation session before the big game with the local rivals, Espanyol. Luis Enrique had all 22 available first team players plus Munir from Barca B with him in this training session.

This morning, the coach will announce the squad for the match,
The kick off for the match will be today at Camp Nou 17:00 CET.

Today, Sunday, December 7 at 17:00 CET, FC Barcelona will meet Espanyol in the Catalan derby in La Liga at Camp Nou.

-> Espanyol is the team in La Liga that Barca have most clean sheets against (66).

-> Espanyol is the team Barca have most victories against (91).

-> Espanyol have 10 straight away games in La Liga without a win.

Enrique: Montoya’s situation is difficult. I salute his attitude and things can change. He should continue to work hard.

Enrique: It would obviously be great if Espanyol match would be played in today considering the game against PSG on Wednesday, but unfortunately television companies decide.

Enrique: Montoya moves? I do not take up the discussion here in public. I talk to him and Zubi and we’ll see what CAS makes for a decision.

Enrique: Gerard Pique is a complete player. I am very pleased with what he brings to our team.

Enrique: Bartra right back? There is a possible scenario. He had that position often in the B team, but it is currently not his best position, but he can play there if needed.

Enrique: Munir? he counted definitely not to be in the first team this season. This is going to be a tough year for him. He must show patience between the chances he gets

Will it be another clean sheet for Claudio Bravo today in the Catalan derby against Espanyol in Camp Nou at 17:00 CET……?

Mixed notices December 6

iniesta training-75

On Friday’s training session were all available first team players plus Munir from Barca B participating. Focus on this training was the match on Sunday 17:00 in Camp Nou agianst Espanyol.

Iniesta, who reappeared Wednesday after his injury, trained normally with the group.

The only missing player was Thomas Vermaelen who underwent surgery last Tuesday in Helsinki.

Next training will be today, Saturday, at 11:00 CET.

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The movie about “Messi” will be released in Spain on January 1 2015.

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Bartra: “I’ve played as full-back in some trainings. I’ll do what the coach wants.”

Bartra: “I’m improving a lot. I’m playing many minutes, which is what all the footballers want”

Bartra: “Personally I think that facing Espanyol is special. I’ve played against them many times in the youth teams.”

Bartra: “Montoya is in a difficult situation. I really appreciate him but we must respect all decisions.”

Bartra: “We played a great match in Valencia, and this gave us confidence.”

Bartra: “Luis Enrique really knows me. This helped me play well and improve.”

Bartra: “Douglas has to keep working in the trainings. We’ll help him as much as we can.”

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The second leg in Copa Del Rey between FC Barcelona and Huesca will be played on Tuesday December 16 at 22:00 CET (note the time) in Camp Nou.

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Many are those clubs which have shown interest in Barca’s defender Dani Alves. Among these clubs are Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

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Ronaldinho: “I’ve not been surprised at all about Messi’s career. It’s the result of a lot of hard work and his unquestionable quality.”

Ronaldinho: “Neymar is going the right way! He made the right decision to come to Barça.”

Ronaldinho: “Neymar has got a great role model in Messi and a squad of the best players from every country.”

Ronaldinho: “Playing for Barça and being with the best players in the world will make Neymar a better player.”