messi and neymar in cl

Mixed notices after FC Barcelona – Ajax 3-1

The match between FC Barcelona and Ajax ended 3 – 1. Goals: Neymar (Assist: Messi) 7′ Messi (Iniesta) 24′ Sandro (Rafinha) 92′ Group F standing after 3 rounds 1- PSG 7pts 2- Barcelona 6pts 3- Ajax 2pts 4- Apoel 1pt […]


FC Barcelona starting lineup against Ajax

FC Barcelona’s starting lineup against Ajax looks as follows: Ter Stegen Alves, Bartra, Pique, Alba Rakitic, Mascherano, Iniesta Pedro, Messi, Neymar Substitutes: Bravo, Montoya, Xavi, Rafinha, Munir, Samper and Sandro /Admin

barca training-55-50

Mixed notices before Barca-Ajax tonight 20:45 CET

On Monday’s training had Luis Enrique 20 first team players available ahead of tomorrow’s match against Ajax in Champions League. Douglas and Vermaelen worked apart from the group and Adriano sat out. Munir, Sandro and Samper from Barca B were also […]

barca training-53-65

Mixed notices October 20

On Sunday’s training were all available first team players participating. Sergio, Messi, Neymar, Douglas and Vermaelen did specific work. This session was a preparation before Tuesday’s match against Ajax. Furthermore was five players from Barca B participating to this session. […]

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Mixed notices after Barca-Eibar 3-0

FC Barcelona defeated Eibar by 3-0 in Camp Nou this evening. The first half ended goalless 0-0. Goal scorers for Barca were: 1-0 Xavi (Assist: Messi) 60′ 2-0 Neymar (Assist: Alves) 72′ 3-0 Messi (Assist: Neymar) 74′ Xavi: “It took […]


Mixed notices after FC Barcelona – Ajax 3-1

messi and neymar in cl

The match between FC Barcelona and Ajax ended 3 – 1.
Neymar (Assist: Messi) 7′
Messi (Iniesta) 24′
Sandro (Rafinha) 92′

Group F standing after 3 rounds
1- PSG 7pts
2- Barcelona 6pts
3- Ajax 2pts
4- Apoel 1pt

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Messi: “Subbed off? If the coach makes that decision, that’s fine, he’s in charge. The main thing is the team.”

Messi: “Breaking Zarra’s record on Saturday? That’s just a side issue, the main objective is to win.”

Messi: “We’re really looking forward to Luis joining us up front. He’ll add a lot, he’s an impressive player, a real goalscorer.”

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Luis Enrique: “Mascherano played again a great game. He’s performing really well, both as centre back and as midfielder.”

Luis Enrique: “I think Busquets will be able to play on Saturday, but we’ll see…”

Luis Enrique: “Pique to start against Madrid? He can play, start on the bench or he can be in the stands, like all of the players. For me, he’s doing well”

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Ter Stegen: “Confident passing game? It’s up to the people to decide, I try to do my best. I hope to keep on playing and making progress.”

Ter Stegen: “If I also will play the Spanish Cup, besides Champions League? Coach haven’t said anything, of course I want to play as much as possible.”


FC Barcelona starting lineup against Ajax


FC Barcelona’s starting lineup against Ajax looks as follows:
Ter Stegen
Alves, Bartra, Pique, Alba
Rakitic, Mascherano, Iniesta
Pedro, Messi, Neymar

Bravo, Montoya, Xavi, Rafinha, Munir, Samper and Sandro


Mixed notices before Barca-Ajax tonight 20:45 CET

barca training-55-50

On Monday’s training had Luis Enrique 20 first team players available ahead of tomorrow’s match against Ajax in Champions League. Douglas and Vermaelen worked apart from the group and Adriano sat out.
Munir, Sandro and Samper from Barca B were also participating in today’s session.

This was the team’s last session before tomorrow’s announcement of the player list for the match. One thing is for sure and that is that Adriano will not be in the list due to his injury in his right adductor.

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Luis Enrique: “We will need a very complete performance to beat Ajax. They are attacking well and last season they beat us”

Luis Enrique: “It seems that Busquets will be ready, but we will see him tomorrow and take a final decision”

Luis Enrique: “About Messi’s no substitution, I will continue doing the same. I speak with my players before making a sub. I trust in them”

Luis Enrique: “Luis Suárez is the most expensive transfer we made this summer, this also means that he will be a very important player”

Luis Enrique: “My line-up against Madrid? I will tell first to Ancelotti, then maybe he tells me Madrid’s XI as well…”

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Neymar: “If we’re seeing a new Neymar this season? Last season was for me a year of adaptation. I feel more at home now, happier.”

Neymar: “Be in the attack with Messi and Suarez? Playing with Leo is an honour, he’s the best in the world. and Suarez is brilliant, we can do great.”

Neymar: “To see Luis Suarez train every day is impressive. He helps us a lot.”

Neymar: “Playing at Barça is like I expected, a dream. I’m happy and I’m enjoying it.”

Neymar: “Which Messi we’ll see in future? That is difficult to say, as he surprises you every day. He’s the best player I’ve ever seen on a football pitch”

Neymar: “Suarez is one of the greatest. He loves football and it’s really hard for him not being able to play. He will score many goals”


Mixed notices October 20

barca training-53-65

On Sunday’s training were all available first team players participating. Sergio, Messi, Neymar, Douglas and Vermaelen did specific work. This session was a preparation before Tuesday’s match against Ajax.

Furthermore was five players from Barca B participating to this session. These players were: Sandro and Munir, who both had minutes in yesterday’s match, and Pol Calvet, David Babunski and Edgar Ié.

This week there will be two matches, Tuesday 20:45 CET against Ajax at Camp Nou in Champions League and Saturday 18:00 CET el Clasico against Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu.

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FC Barcelona have:
8 different goal scorers this season:
> Neymar 9
> Messi 8
> Sandro and Rakitic 2
> Pedro, Xavi, Pique and Munir 1

and 8 different players which have provided assists this season:
> Messi 8
> Alves 3
> Busquets 1
> Alba 1
> Iniesta 1
> Pique 1
> Munir 1
> Neymar 1

bild (183)-red35

Training and match Schedule for the upcoming week:
Monday 20
11.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

Tuesday 21
11.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
20.45 CET: Match at the Camp Nou. FC Barcelona v Ajax in Champions League

Wednesday 22
11.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

Thursday 23
11.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

Friday 24
11.00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

Saturday 25
9.30 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper for players not traveling to Madrid
18.00 CET: Match at the Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid v FC Barcelona 9th round of La Liga

Sunday 26


Mixed notices after Barca-Eibar 3-0

goal scorers against eibar-75

FC Barcelona defeated Eibar by 3-0 in Camp Nou this evening. The first half ended goalless 0-0.

Goal scorers for Barca were:
1-0 Xavi (Assist: Messi) 60′
2-0 Neymar (Assist: Alves) 72′
3-0 Messi (Assist: Neymar) 74′

Xavi: “It took time to score the first goal, but I think we played a very good game. Happy with the goal? Of course…”

Lionel Messi has now scored 250 goals in La Liga. It’s now ONE goal left to equalize Telomo Zarra’s record of 251 goals in La Liga.
He has also now scored 200 goals in Camp Nou. His goal was FC Barcelona 100th goal this year in all official competitions, 2014.

Neymar has now scored 200 goals for club and country on senior level, furthermore he also has provided 100 assists, all this in official 333 games.

Claudio Bravo has this season played 900 minutes, which is equal to 10 games, for club and country without conceding any goal. In La Liga it’s 8 matches (720 min)and with Chile 2 matches (180 min)

Pedro has now 200 wins with Barcelona:
La Liga 134
Champions Leagua 33
Copa del Rey 22
Spanish Super Cup 5
Clubs World Cup 4
UEFA Super Cup 2

Messi’s 300 wins with Barcelona looks as follows:
La Liga 214
Champions League 48
Copa del Rey 26
Spanish Super Cup 6
Clubs World Cup 4
UEFA Super Cup 2


FC Barcelona startin lineup against Eibar

camp nou-5-60

FC Barcelona faces tonight at 20:00 CET in Camp Nou the newcomers Eibar. It’s the first time these team will meet.

FC Barcelona starting lineup:
Alves, Pique, Mathieu, Alba
Xavi, Mascherano, Sergi Roberto
Pedro, Messi, Neymar

Ter Stegen, Rafinha, Bartra, Adriano, Iniesta, Munir and Sandro


Mixed notices October 18

barca training-50-75

Yesterday, Friday, the whole team was participating in the training session except Douglas who did special work. The training started with a large group of possession drill.

In total there were 24 players, including Munir and Sandro, attending to this session. This was a preparation session before today’s match against Eibar at Camp Nou 20:00 CET, but also preparation before the match against Ajax in Champions League on Wednesday 20:45 CET.

Today there will be a final training session and Luis Enrique will announce the player list to the match against Eibar.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Enrique: “Pedro is at 100% and tomorrow he will be in the starting eleven”

Luis Enrique: “Suarez’s feeling has improved a lot in training. Not sure if he’s at 80, 90 or 100%, but he’s not fat. That’s for sure”.

Luis Enrique: “We are not interested in records and this kind of stuff. We are in winning as a group. Records will come sooner or later”

Luis Enrique: “I haven’t seen any full match of Neymar, Messi and Suarez with their international teams. Only the highlights”

Luis Enrique: “Munir is still a Barça B player. No news about being an official first team player yet”

Luis Enrique: “Vermaelen is training at the same pace than the rest. He needs to improve physically”

Luis Enrique (about Pique’s incident with the police): “He said sorry. He made a mistake. I won’t speak about players personal issues”

Luis Enrique: “Eibar is getting good results away, having changes, they can defend but counter-attack… good on strategy… A brave team.

bild (183)-red35

Yesterday was the draw to Copa del Rey. FC Barcelona will meet SD Huesca, from the third division, in their first match. The two matches will be played on December 3 and December 17, 2014. Time has to be confirmed. It starts, as always in this stage of the competition, with a away game for Barca and the return will be played at Camp Nou two weeks later.

bild (183)-red35

According to Spanish media has FC Barcelona decided to give Munir el Haddadi a contract as a first team player. The contract will not be a renewal of an existing one, but it will simply improve the economic conditions. The buyout clause will also increase to 35 million euros.

Munir has currently a contract that is valid until 2017, since he renewed it earlier this year (2014). So far it’s not known when the new contract will be made, but all points to that it will be soon.


Mixed notices October 17

barca training-49-50

Thursdays’s training session was held with the full Barca squad. Today Messi, Mascherano, Neymar, Sergi Roberto, Mathieu, Ter Stegen, Sandro and Munir were back in training after their international duties. That meant that it was the first time the whole team was able to train before the match against Eibar on Saturday in Camp Nou.

Rafinha was attending to the session despite not having medical ok. Douglas worked on his own. From Barca B were Sandro, Munir and Samper participating in this jovial session, where they have plenty of fun with an oversized ball in the first exercise.

bild (183)-red35

Alba: “It’s normal that people talk about a possible debut of Suarez at Santiago Bernabeu, but the coach will decide. Focus is now first on Eibar, then Ajax”

Alba: “I was at the academy when Messi also played at the youth teams. We could already see then that Leo was a special player.”

Alba: “Mathieu has adapted perfectly. He’s a great player, it has been a great transfer.”
Alba: “Pedro has trained normally since he returned from the international break”.

bild (183)-red35

Barça’s possible opponents in the Copa del Rey are: Hospitalet, Cornellà, Cádiz, Huesca, Oviedo or Alcoyano.
The draw will be held today, Friday

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Adriano: “When they told me I had heart problem, I thought about Puerta (the Sevilla player who died after heart attack in 2007). Now I’m fine.”

Adriano: “We’re happy with our start, but we want to keep on improving. We know we have to do things differently if we want to win trophies”


Mixed notices October 16

rakitic training-2-50

Wednesdays’ training session saw all available first team players. New to this session were Ivan Rakitic and Luis Suarez , they were back from international duty. From Barca B were Sergi Samper and Jean Marie Dongou participating.

Douglas, who got a bruised left foot during the session, made specific work and will miss Saturday’s game against Eibar as a precautionary measure.

Sandro, Munir and Neymar was in the facilities of Ciudad Deportiva, but they were not participating in the training session.

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Most national team goals (current squad):
Messi 44
Suarez 42
Neymar 40
Pedro 15
Xavi 12
Iniesta 12
Rakitic 9

The competition between the top three to reach 50 goals is going on……

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Alves: “My contract expires? I’m not worried. And I will continue to compete as always. If in the end something negative happens, that’s life…”

Alves: “Suarez is a beast, I’m sure he’s ready. I’m, as much as he is, looking forward to his debut, so he can feel like a player again”

bild (183)-red35

LFP have yesterday, Wednesday, announced their three candidates for La Liga’s ‘Best Midfielder of 2013/14′ award. The candidates are:
> Atlético Madrid’s Gabi,
> Real Madrid’s Luka Modrić
> Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets.

bild (183)-red35

Eibar is the team that beat Real Sociedad, drew to Athletic Bilbao and Villareal, and lost by only one goal to Atletico Madrid.

This team is a newly promoted team, but they have some serious footballing spirit.

They are not to be taken lightly at all.

luis suarez with his golden shoe-3

Luis Suarez is handed the Golden Boot by Kenny Dalgish: “What a beautiful moment.”


Mixed notices October 15

bartra and rafinha-50

On Tuesday’s training were seven players back after international duty with their selections. Vermaelen and Rafinha both trained normally, although the latter has not got medical ok yet.

The participating players were: Masip, Alves, Montoya, Douglas, Adriano, Xavi, Pique, Bartra, Alba, Sergio, Iniesta, Pedro, Bravo, Vermaelen and Rafinha. From Barca B participated Diagne and Samper plus the U19 keeper Onana.

Next training is today, Wednesday, at 11:00CET.

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Neymar and Brazil defeated Japan with 0-4. Neymar scored ALL Brazil’s goals.
0-1 min 18, 0-2 min 48, 0-3 min 77, 0-4 min 81
Neymar has now scored 40 goals and made 23 assists for Brazil in 58 appearances.

bild (183)-red35

Neymar has only ONE goal left to reach his goal number 200 for club and country on senior level. The record so far is: Santos 136, Brazil 40 and FC Barcelona 23.

Neymar is the 8th Brazilian player to score 4 goals or more with his national team on senior level since Romario October 8, 2000.

Neymar is the 1st Brazilian to score 4 goals with the selection without any penalty during the latest 25 years. Then it was Careca August 20, 1989.

bild (183)-red35

Argentina defeated Hongkong by 0-7. It was the biggest win as an away team during the Argentina national team’s 112 years history.

Messi started on the bench, but entered the pitch after 60 minutes. He scored two goals and gave one assist.

Messi has been directly involved in 70 goals for Argentina on senior level in 95 appearances. He has scored 44 goals and made 26 assists.

bild (183)-red35

The latest match for Messi, Suarez and Neymar with their selections sums up: 8 goals and 1 assist.


Mixed notices October 14

rafinha and vermaelen-30

FC Barcelona has mixed fortunes against debutant teams in La Liga. When meeting teams for the first time, like Saturday’s opponent Eibar, there have been five wins, 2 draws and 3 losses during the last twenty years. If Eibar manage to surprise against Barca in Camp Nou it wouldn’t be the first time that a La Liga debutant has shocked Barca.

1993-94 Barca – Lleda 0-1
1994-95 Barca – Compostela 4-0
1995-96 Barca – Merida 2-2
1996-97 Barca – Extremadura 3-0
1998-99 Barca – Villarreal 1-3
1999-00 Numancia – Barca 3-3
1999-00 Barca – Malaga 1-2
2004-05 Getafe – Barca 1-2
2007-08 Barca – Almeria 2-0
2009-10 Xerez – Barca 0-2

bild (183)-red35

Monday evening’s training session, which was the last before the internationals return, saw nine players including the Barca B keeper Adrian Ortola.

The players who trained under the command of Luis Enrique were: Montoya, Xavi, Douglas, Adriano, Alves, Masip, Rafinha, Vermaelen and Ortola. Notable is that Rafinha and Vermaelen only joined the group for some of the exercises.

Next training is today, Tuesday, at 11:00 CET. To this session will the Spanish internationals Pique, Sergio, Pedro, Iniesta, Bartra and Alba return.

bild (183)-red35

We congratulate Andres Iniesta to the Golden Foot award 2014. He received the award from Prince Albert II of Monaco.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Suarez scored two goals with Uruguay in the friendly against Oman yesterday. In this match he played 77 minutes. On the two friendlies with Uruguay has the striker in total played 147 minutes and scored two goals.

The match in Oman was the last match for Luis Suarez before El Clasico at Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday October 25.


Mixed notices October 13

barca training-47-2-50

Upcoming week’s match and training schedule:

Monday 13
18:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
Tuesday 14
11:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
Wednesday 15
11:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
Thursday 16
11:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
Friday 17
11:00 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
Saturday 18
10:30 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
20:00 CET: Match at Camp Nou. FC Barcelona – Eibar in La Liga 8 round
Sunday 19
11:15 CET: Training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

bild (183)-red35

The match against Eibar in Camp Nou on Saturday, October 18, will be the 8th game in La Liga for Barca. As common, so far, there will be a final training conducted by Luis Enrique on the match day and he will also announce the player list on that day.

There will be no rest after this match. A training session is scheduled on Sunday to begin the preparations for the many challenges that await the team during the next few weeks.

bild (183)-red35

The new Iniesta…..?
Denis Suarez, who currently is on loan at Sevilla for 2 seasons, has progressed very well and could return to Barcelona next summer.

bild (183)-red35

Barça have denied receiving any offers from Fiorentina and Sampdoria for Alen Halilovic. They have no intention of loaning him out


Mixed notices October 12

afellay with netherlands-1

Holland defeated Kazakhstan by 3-1 in the Euro 2016 qualifying. One of the Dutch goal scorers was Ibrahim Afellay, currently on loan to Olympiacos. He also provided one goal assist.

Afellay: “Playing for Holland again after 2 years gives me a lovely feeling especially in such an important victory.”

Afellay: “It was an evening I will never forget. I had a very tough time, so it’s nice to return with a game like this.”

bild (183)-red35

Yesterday there were several U21 Euro qualifying matches played.

The Spanish U21 team draw against Serbia away yesterday. Sergi Roberto played all 90 minutes, while Munir and Sandro were left on the bench. Deulofeu, currently on loan to Sevilla, was Spain’s most dangerous player. The match ended goalless, 0-0.

Barca goal keeper, Marc Andre Ter Stegen, played with the German U21 when they won away to Ukraine by 3-0. It was a quiet night for Ter Stegen, but when he had to act he did it well. His footwork was especially impressive.

bild (183)-red35

Brazil defeated Argentina by 2-0 in the “Super Clásico de las Américas” in Bejing. Neither Neymar or Messi scored in this match. Neymar had for example a good chance to score in the first half, but it didn’t result in any goal. Messi on the other hand missed a penalty for Argentina.

bild (183)-red35

In this season Claudio Bravo has played 810 minutes without conceding a goal!

Of these 9 games are 7 games with Barcelona and 2 with Chile.


Mixed notices October 11

players on loan-50

FC Barcelona has five players from the first team out on loan this season. These players are Alex Song, Ibrahim Afellay, Cristian Tello, Gerard Deulofeu and Denis Suarez. Here we take a look how they are getting on.

Song: Plays in West Ham United and has so far played 277 minutes in 4 games. In the match against QPR he was the team’s captain. He has not scored yet, but has made two assists.

Afellay: Plays in the Greece club Olympiacos. He has scored two goals, 1 in the league and 1 in Champions League against Atletico Madrid. Afellay has played in five of the so far 7 played games. He has 216 minutes in the league and 146 in Champions League.

Tello: Plays in Porto under the command of Julen Lopetegui. He has played in all except one of Porto’s matches this season. He has score 1 goal. He has also provided an assist in Champions League against Shaktar. In the league game against Braga he was voted Man of the Match.

Suarez and Deulofeu: These two plays both in Sevilla. Suarez has played in all 7 league games, the Europa Cup against Feyenoord and the European Super Cup final against Real Madrid. He has not scored yet, but provided two assists. Deulofeu has participated in 4 league games, he also scored against Real Sociedad in the league. He has provided 3 assists in the league and two in Europa League.

bild (183)-red35

This week’s last training saw the available players from the first team and two players from Barca B. Rafinha, Vermaelen and Adriano made specific work. Adriano could not train with the group due to little discomfort in his right thigh.

The players who worked under the command of Luis Enrique were: Montoya, Xavi, Douglas, Alves, Masip, Pol Calvet and Sergio Juste.

Joan Barbara returned to participate in the usual rondos that starts all training sessions, but unlike yesterday when Luis Enrique participated was this time the goalkeeping coach José Ramón de la Fuente participating.

bild (183)-red35

According to Spanish media has FC Barcelona scheduled a meeting with Pedro’s agents to discuss a renewal for the player with the club.


Mixed notices October 10

alves training-3-50

FC Barcelona’s training Thursday saw only seven participants: Masip, Montoya, Douglas, Adriano, Alves, Xavi and Vermaelen. The latter partially trained with the group while Rafinha continued training outside the group.

We further noted that both Luis Enrique and Joan Barbara were attending and trained initially. Both showed very good performance and has not lost much since both of them were active players.

The next training is on Friday at 10.00 CET.

bild (183)-red35

Dani Alves :”When we retire, people will ask:
- Who was the greatest of all? Leo Messi.
- Who assisted him most? Me ,some will hate it, but my name will be there.”

bild (183)-red35

Lionel Messi has scored 403 goals in his career, whereof 42 are penalties. Ronaldo has scored 442 goals in his career and incredible 112 of these are penalties.

bild (183)-red35

UEFA confirms that Champions League seeding system will change next season. Pot one will include holders plus champions from top 7 European Leagues.

bild (183)-red35

Ronaldo has refused to receive his Golden Boot in the same ceremony as Luis Suarez. Both scored 31 league goals and share the Trophy.


Mixed notices October 9


There are only three players in Barca who have started all seven matches in La Liga this season. The three are Bravo, Messi and Sergio whereof the two first have played every minute.

Bravo and Messi have played 630 minutes while Sergio has played 578 minutes in La Liga this season.

After this trio the team leaders are in played minutes: Jeremy Mathieu with 540 minutes, Ivan Rakitic with 533 minutes, Jordi Alba with 450 minutes and Dani Alves 450 minutes.

bild (183)-red35

Wednesday’s training session saw the same players from the first team as yesterday and five players from Barca B.

Vermaelen trained on the pitch, but apart from the group and Rafinha made specific work.

The players who attended to this training session were: Masip, Montoya, Douglas, Adriano, Alves, Xavi, Ortola, Samper, Dongou, Grimaldo and Adama.

bild (183)-red35

Dani Alves would prefer to stay at Barcelona despite claims he will move to the Premier League, according to his agent.

The right-back claimed he is set to move to England next season at the end of his current contract after spending six hugely successful years at Camp Nou.

His representative and ex-wife, Dinorah Santa Ana, has since stated there are no talks with anyone regarding his future – and suggests his priority would be to remain in Catalunya.

“His future is uncertain. Right now, we’re not negotiating with anyone – not with Barca nor any other club,” she told Catalunya Radio.

“We would like to stay here, mainly because our children are here. No one has told us that they want him to go.”

She also added that his comments on moving to England initially emerged a year ago, but that the remarks should no longer be considered accurate.

“A year ago he did say he liked the Premier League, but that interview was a long time ago.”


Mixed notices October 8


Lionel Messi has made 100 assists in La Liga during 9 years of play in the first team. He is an all-rounder. He has now Telmo Zarra’s record in sight when it comes to scored goals, but he has also provided assists to other player throughout his career.

His first assist was in November 2005 against Real Madrid and now it has gone almost 9 year since then. He has now provided goal assists against 29 different teams in La Liga. Most assists has he made against Real Madrid, Levante and Valencia with seven each.

The player who has scored most goals on assists from Messi is Pedro with 14, followed by Etóo with 13 and David Villa with 10. Of the current squad, aside from Pedro, has Iniesta scored 4 goals, Neymar 4 goals, Alves 2 goals, Adriano 1 goal, Sandro 1 goal and Rakitic 1 goal on assists from Lionel.

In Camp Nou Messi has made 40 of his 100 assists. The other sixty is on the road with Santigao Bernabeu in top with impressive 5 assists from Lionel Messi.

bild (183)-red35

On this week’s first training were six players from the first team and five from Barca B participating. Rafinha and Vermaelen made specific work, whereof Vermaelen was on the pitch.

The players who attended to this training session were: Masip, Montoya, Douglas, Adriano, Alves, Xavi, José Aurelio Suarez, Samper, Joan Roman, Adama and Dongou.

Rumours says that the two BPL clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City are interested in Jordi Alba. The Catalan defender says having several offers to leave Camp Nou on the table.

bild (183)-red35

City would not have any trouble to present a good deal, but Alba’s move is not presumed easy. The player has a contract with Barca until 2017 and a buyout clause of 90 million euros. Barca is not working for a selling, unless the offer is really stratospheric. This because that the club could not sign a replacement until 2016 due to the sanction from FIFA this summer.


Mixed notices October 7

neymar and messi-4

15 players, 17 matches, 3 continents. That is how players from the first team are spread around the world during this break for matches with their countries, both official/qualification and friendlies. The trips are divided between Asia, Europe and South America.

The match that surely will raise the most interest is a friendly between Brazil and Argentina, which will be played on Saturday 11 at the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. Messi and Neymar will be the stars of this match.

bild (183)-red35

Luiz Suarez made this Monday morning medical tests at Ciutat Deportiva. Suarez will travel to Saudi Arabia today, Tuesday, to play two friendlies with the Uruguayan national team against teams from Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Suarez will play his first official match with Barca on Saturday October 25 against Real Madrid in el Clasico at Santiago Bernabeu.

bild (183)-red35

Marc Bartra has been called up by Vicente del Bosque to the Spanish national team after that Sergio Ramos steps down due to an injury. This will be good experience for Bartra.
It will now be six first team players called up for the Spanish national team: Iniesta, Sergio, Pique, Alba, Pedro and Bartra.

bild (183)-red35

Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr is the magic combination. The two have scored 15 of Barca’s 22 goals this season, that is 68% of all goals. The two has also been involved in some kind in 19 of the 22 goals for the team.


Mixed notices October 6


Bravo has played 630 consecutive minutes without conceding a goal in La Liga
Barça record: M.Reina with 824 minutes
Liga record: A.Resino with 1275 minutes

Abel Resino’s Liga record (1275 consecutive mins without conceding a goal) was stopped by a goal from Luis Enrique on 17/3/1991

At that time Abel Resino played for Atletico Madrid and Luis Enrique played for Sporting Gijon. The match ended 3-1. Luis Enrique scored Sporting Gijon’s only goal in minute 45.

bild (183)-red35

There will be four training sessions this week for those Barca players that haven’t gone on international duty. The training session will be held Tuesday to Friday at 11:00 CET in Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Luis Enrique has then granted them the coming weekend off.

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Most Barça goals this season: Neymar 8
Assists: Messi 7
Chances created: Messi 34
Passes: Alves 679
Balls won: Busquets 51
Saves: Bravo 12


Mixed notices after Rayo-Barca 0-2

claudio bravo surpassed artola-50

FC -Barcelona’s goal keeper Claudio Bravo has now surpassed Pedro Maria Artola’s record of consecutive clean sheets in La Liga from the start of the season.
Bravo has now 37 years later beaten the record and has 630 minutes without conceding any goal in the 7 first rounds of La Liga(=630 minutes).
Artola’s record was a clean shetet in 6 rounds and 20 minutes of La Liga (=560 minutes) season 1977/78.

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The match in Vallecas between Rayo Vallecano and FC Barcelona ended 0-2. Both goals came in the first half. 1-0 Messi in minute 34 after assist from Pique and 2-0 Neymar in minute 35 after an assist from Munir. Barca managed also in this match to keep a clean sheet.

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Luis Enrique: “The win has reinforced us”.

Luis Enrique: “The players had the right attitude and performed as they had to, against an awkward and hard-working opponent”.

Luis Enrique about Bravo’s record: “The overall performance of the whole team that matters to me, more than the individual record for one player .”

Luis Enrique: The only stats that I really care about come at the end of the season, and will be the ones that tell us whether we deserve to win the title”.

Luis Enrique: “In the defense we have improved and we’re in fine condition”


Starting lineup against Rayo Vallecano

starting lineup-60

FC Barcelona faces Rayo Vallecano in Vallecas at 18:00 CET tonight.

FC Barcelona starting lineup:
Alves – Pique – Bartra – Mathieu
Xavi – Busquets – Iniesta
Munir – Messi – Neymar

Ter Stegen, Mascherano, Adriano, Alba, Rakitic, Pedro and Sandro


Mixed short notices before Rayo Vallecano Saturday 18:00 CET

rafinha training-2-75

Friday’s training was the last before the match against Rayo Vallecano tomorrow and saw Vermaelen making individual work while Rafinha and Douglas trained with the group. Also Neymar trained normally with the group.

All available first team players plus Munir and Sandro were participating in the training.

The team will travel on Saturday morning to Madrid, where they will meet Rayo Vallecano at Vallecas 18:00 CET in the 7th round of La Liga.


On Saturday against Rayo Vallecano away could the leaders of pass attempts meet, Ivan Rakitic and Roberto Trashorras.

Rakitic is in top with 522 passes in 508 minutes played and Trashorras is second with 491 passes in 540 minutes.

Barca have five players among the top ten in completed passes. Also here is Rakitic first now with 475 completed passes. He is followed by Sergio 406, Alba 343, Mathieu 315 and Alves 309.


Luis Enrique has spoken of Barca’s opponent in the upcoming match in La Liga against Rayo Vallecano tomorrow Saturday 18:00 CET.

Luis Enrique: Rayo Vallecano is a team I especially like. They know how to move the ball and make things difficult for their opponents.

Luis Enrique: It is a good example of a team without a lot of money and they are also fun to watch.

Luis Enrique: Their coach, Paco Jemez, has his own football identity and he has also the ability to transmit that to his players.

Luis Enrique: Both we and they want to control the ball and also believes that is the key to victory.


Mixed short notices October 3

ter stegen-7

Barcelona goal keeper Marc Andre Ter Stegen is called up to the German U21 squad for the two 2016 Olympic games matches against Ukraine on October 10 and 14.

Neymar, Suarez, Messi, Mascherano and Rafinha are also called up by their national teams for friendlies during the next week’s international break. There are still a number of countries that haven’t announced their squads so that could for sure be more Barca players called up.

Luis Enrique will after the game against Rayo Vallecano on Saturday face another few days with a skeleton squad during this break.

xavi profile-75

Xavi: “I’m not happy sitting on the bench. I want to play as much as possible and change the current situation but the team comes first.”

Xavi: “Messi remains a fundamentally important part of the team. He’s scoring and assisting. After all, he’s the best player in the world.”

Xavi: “The PSG game isn’t a debacle. The feeling around the team is positive. We are on the right track.”

Xavi: “I believe we have the team to fight for all three titles this season.”


There will be exciting days for Messi in the upcoming games in La Liga!
He is only
-> 2 goals shy of his 250th goal in La Liga
-> 3 goals shy of equalling Zarra’s all-time league record (251)


Lionel Messi – interview and statistics

luis enrique and messi-75

Messi: “I don’t know what my place in the history of the game will be, I’m just focused on improving and winning more”

Messi: “I think that with his quality and fitness, Neymar will become the best in the world”

Messi:“My contract renewal will be done quickly, there are no issues and I have no problems continuing here”

Messi: ” Luis Enrique gives me a lot of freedom on the pitch”

Messi: “I’m not competing against Cristiano or anyone. I just do my job – I want to win titles.

bild (183)-red35

Statistics so far this year, 2014, for Lionel Messi with FC Barcelona:
38 official games
33 goals
17 assists
108 chances created
177 dribbles
2093 passes

Xavi Hernandez, a legend

xavi ten european memories-50

Ten memories for Xavi in his European career:
> 1 < September 16, 1998 he made his Champions League debut away against Manchester United.

> 2 < March 15, 2000 he made his first goal in CL. It was against Herta Berlin in Camp Nou.

> 3 < May 17, 2006 was he, despite a serious knee injury, able to join the celebrations in Paris against Arsenal. This was his first major title.

> 4 < May 27, 2009, the final in Rome against Manchester United. This was the first CL final he played and he was named the man of the match at the end of it.

> 5 < September 9, 2008 he made his 100th appearance for Barca in CL in the away match against Dynamo Kiev.

> 6 < For the last six years,2008-2013, has Xavi been named to the UEFA XI. 2008 he was also named captain for the all-star-team.

> 7 < May 18, 2011 Xavi won his third Champions League trophy (of Barca’s four) in Wembley. Also this final was against Manchester United.

> 8 < In Champions League is Xavi the leading active player for assists with 24. There ar only three left to equal the recently retired Giggs, who has 27. He has also most passes with 9,638. That’s more than 3,000 ahead of two other Spanish players who are in place 2 and 3, Xabi Alonso with 6,222 and Iniesta with 5,835.

> 9 < His last goal in Europe was away to Ajax last season. It was a penalty.

> 10 < This Tuesday, away against PSG, Xavi made his 143rd appearance in Champions League when he came on as a substitute. He also surpassed the previous record set by Raul.


Wednesday’s training, October 1

masip training-50

On Wednesday’s training the goal keeper Jordi Masip got medical ok and is now available for Luis Enrique.

From Barca B participated in this training Munir, Sandro, Grimaldo and Samper. Neymar and Douglas trained separately from the others.

Rafinha was nevertheless able to train normally, despite not yet having medical ok.

Gerard Pique had to take a doping test yesterday and was due to that unable to return with the team from Paris. He flew back this morning and came to the training just in time and could complete the session along with his colleagues.


PSG-Barca ended, 3-2

messi seasons first defeat-75

The match between PSG and FC Barcelona ended with the season’s first defeat, 3-2. With a poor performance in the defence, ie nonexisting, and no ideas in the attack this became the result. There are no excuses.

Goal scorers in the match were:
1-0 David Luiz in minute 9
1-1 LIONEL MESS in minute 10
2-1 Veratti in minute 25
3-1 Matuidi in minute 53
3-2 Neymar in minute 55

After two rounds the standings in group F are:
PSG – 4 pts
Barcelona – 3 pts
Ajax – 2 pts
APOEL – 1 pt

bild (183)-red35

Lionel Messi is the first player to score 69 goals for a single club in UEFA club competitions. Now he has surpassed Ralu, who had 68.
Messi’s 69 goals:
UEFA Champions League: 68 goals
UEFA Super Cup: 1 goal.

bild (183)-red35

FC Barcelona’s milstone scorers in Champions Cup
001 – Segarra
100 – Stoichkov
200 – Kluivert
300 – Etóo
400 – Villa
500 – MESSI


FC Barcelona starting lineup against PSG


FC Barcelona faces PSG in Paris tonight at 20:45 CET in the second round of the Group stage in Champions League.

FC Barcelona starting lineup looks as follows:
Ter Stegen
Alves – Mascherano – Mathieu – Alba
Rakitic – Sergio – Iniesta
Pedro – Messi – Neymar

Bravo, Piqué, Xavi, Sergi Roberto, Adriano, Sandro and Munir

Bartra and Montoya


PSG – Juvenil A in UEFA Youth League 16:00 CET, Updated

juvenil a celebrating goal-c75

FC Barcelona Juvenil A will also play today. Their match against PSG starts at 16:00 CET. It’s the second round in the group stage of UEFA Youth League. They are also, like Barca’s first team, playing in grop F.

FC Barcelona Juvenil A starting lineup against PSG in UEFA Youth League:
Onana, Palencia, Juanma, Quinti, R. Tarín, Aitor C., Enguene, Moha, Padilla, Kaptoum and Ros

Andreu (gk), Sarsanedas, A. Corredera, Arjona, Ayoub Abou, A. Vilanova andi Carbonell
PSG starting lineup:
Descamps, Krasniqi, Toure, Batubinsika, Goncalves, Eboa Eboa, Romil, Demoncy, Augustin, Meité and Labissiere

Helin (gk), Georgen, Mavinzi, Nkunku, Voyer, Sanogo and Pereira de Sa

The match ended 2-2 (1-0)

Goal scorers were:
1-0 Meité in minute 18
2-0 Augustin in minute 59
2-1 Enguene in minute 67
2-2 Moha in minute 97


Mixed short notices September 29


Douglas will not travel to Paris for tomorrow’s match against PSG in the group stage in Champions League.

During Sunday’s training he suffered a bruised left foot and is left out as precaution.

Instead, Martin Montoya will travel with the squad.

bild (183)-red35

Barcelona have won only 4 of their last 13 away games in the Champions League (W4 D3 L6)

Tomorrow Xavi can become the player with most ever appearances (143) in the Champions League. He’s now tied with Raul (142)

bild (183)-red35

Mathieu: “Messi and Neymar are one of the best duos in the world.”

Mathieu: “Defense starts on the attack, and if everyone does their job it’s much easier

Mathieu: “PSG has great players even without the ones that are injured.”

Mathieu: “For me this is just another match. It’s important but there’s no added pressure

bild (183)-red35

Luis Enrique: “I expect that PSG will play right with us. We’ll see what their offence can do.”

Luis Enrique: “We’re motivated by the team and where we’re playing. Winning away from home is a challenge.”

Luis Enrique: “All the defenders are good and they can all play.”

Luis Enrique: “Messi is still incredible. We’ll see that in his stats, but he’s also definitely a difference-maker.”


Luis Enrique: “This game is important and we know that to win it we’ll have to show our best stuff.”
Luis Enrique: “The success or failure of any team really depends on the players’ collective effort.”

Champions League and UEFA Youth League on Tuesday

barca training-43-25

Both the first team and Juvenil A will meet PSG away on Tuesday, September 30.

Luis Enrique has called 20 players for the match on Tuesday, September 30 at 20:45 CET, against PSG in the group stage of Champions League. Not called are Rafinha and Masip due to injury and Montoya and Vermaelen due to technical reason.

The squad then looks as follows:
Ter Stegen, C. Bravo, Piqué, Rakitic, Sergio, Xavi, Pedro, A. Iniesta, Messi, Neymar, Mascherano, Bartra, Douglas S., Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto, Adriano, Dani Alves, Mathieu, Sandro and Munir.


On Tuesday, September 30 at 16:00 CET, will also FC Barcelona Juvenil A face PSG away  but in UEFA Youth League. It’s the second match in the group stage. Juvenil A won their first match in the group stage agianst APOEL with 3-0 at home in Miniestadi.


Short notices after Barca-Granada 6-0

rakitic goal-2-50

The match between FC Barcelona and Granada ended with victory 6-0 and another clean sheet for the team. Messi scored 2 goals, Neyamar scored 3 goals and Rakitic 1 goal.

Messi provided 2 assists and Alves 1.

Possession during the match was 70% to Barca and 30 % to Granada.

bild (183)-red35

Barcelona has so far scored 18 goals this season (all competitions)
Neymar 6
Messi 5
Rakitic2, Sandro 2
Munir 1, Pedro 1, Pique 1

Messi 7
Alves1, Busquets 1,Alba 1

bild (183)-red35

There was 72.596 spectators who saw the match between Barca and Granada at Camp Nou. Barca dominated the play and had 70-30 in possession.
Barca got 8 corners and Granada 1. The guests got two yellow cards and Barca only one card. There were no penalties in this match. Granada had one dangerous shot, it took in the pale.

Barca made three changes:
Sergi Roberto substituted Raktic in minute 58,
Bartra substituted Sergio in minute 63
Sandro substituted Munir in minute 70.

bild (183)-red35

Xavi won tonight his 300th La Liga game in his career
In 477 Liga games he now has: 300W, 104D, 73L.

Starting lineup against Granada

amazing tattoo-50

FC Barcelona starting lineup against Granada:
Alves, Mascherano, Mathieu, Adriano,
Busquets, Xavi, Rakitic
Munir, Messi, Neymar

Ter Stegen, Montoya, Iniesta, Pedro, Bartra, Sergi Roberto and Sandro


The squad against Granada tonight 18:00 CET at Camp Nou

luis enrique thumbs up-50

Luis Enrique has named a squad of 18 players for tonight’s match against Granada in Camp Nou 18:00 CET.

Pique, Douglas, Alba and Vermaelen are not included due to technical reason, Rafinha and Masip due to injury.

The squad looks as follows: Ter Stegen, Bravo, Montoya, Rakitic, Sergio, Xavi, Pedro, Iniesta, Messi, Neymar, Mascherano, Bartra, Sergi Roberto, Adriano, Alves, Mathieu, Sandro and Munir.

As ususal we will present the starting lineup here about 1 hour before match start.


More mixed short notices September 26

barca training-42-50

On today’s training there were 23 players participating including 2 players from Barca B, Sandro and Munir.

This was the last training before tomorrow’s match against Granada In Camp Nou at 18:00 CET.

Douglas and Alba returned to training while Masip and Rafinha conituned with their recovery.

sergi roberto renewal-50

Today Sergi Roberto has signed his renewed and extended contract with the club. The new improved contract is valid until June 30, 2019. His new buyout clause is 30 million euros which could increasee to 40 million euros.

Attending to this ceremony was apart from the player also Josep Maria Bartomeu, Andoni Zubizarreta and Antonio Rossich.

victory no 1000 in la liga-50

Today it’s 21 years since FC Barcelona won their victory number 1.000 in La Liga. It was against Zaragoza 4-1 on September 26, 1993.


Mixed short notices September 26

claudio bravo-12-50

Claudio Bravo has now lasted for a remarkable 450 minutes without letting in a single goal, the second longest unbeaten start to a season in Barça history.

He will need to survive for one game and twenty minutes more in order to beat Pedro María Artola’s 560 minute streak in 1977/78.

bild (183)-red35

Luis Suarez is included in the Uruguayan Federation’s prelist for the two friendlies in October. The Uruguayan selection will meet Saudi Arabia on Friday October 10 and Oman on Monday October 13.

bild (183)-red35

Only two clubs in the six biggest European football leagues have not yet conceded any goals. These two teams are FC Barcelona and Juventus.


Thursday’s training and Vermaelen got medical ok

vermaelen training-50

A good news at today’s training was that Thomas Vermaelen got medical ok and is now available for play.

Rafinha and Alba made specific work. Masip trained on grass, but outside the group.

Douglas, who made his Barca debut yesterday against Malaga, did not train this Thursday due to fever.

Apart from the available players from the first team were also three players from Barca B participating: Ondoa (gk), Munir and Sandro.


Luis Enrique after Malaga-Barca 0-0

luis enrique-10-50

Luis Enrique: “It was a tough game, merit to the opponent. Fair result.”

Luis Enrique: “Debut Douglas? He played at the same level as the other players.”

Luis Enrique: “We failed in last pass, maybe missed some patience. We’ll look for solutions, we said before we’re still improving things.”

Luis Enrique: “That Messi was not so involved is to Málaga’s credit, its clear when he is more involved we are more dangerous.”

Luis Enrique: “Two teams play, and you try and be the better team. Today Malaga were better than us in some aspects of the play.”

Luis Enrique: “We’re in the 5th round, it’s logical there are things that don’t work yet, it will even be like that in the 38th round.”


Barca starting lineup against Malaga

dressingroom before malaga-50

FC Barcelona faces Malaga away tonight at 22:00 in La Rosaleda.

FC Barcelona starting lineup:
Douglas, Bartra, Pique, Alba
Rakitic, Sergio, Iniesta
Pedro, Messi, Neymar

Ter Stegen, Xavi, Mascherano, Sergi Roberto, Adriano, Sandro and Munir

Montoya will view the match from the stands.


Squad travelling to Malaga

rakitic and neymar-50

Luis Enrique has named a squad of 19 players which will travel to Malaga for tonight’s match (22:00 CET). Neymar and Rakitic have got their medical ok and are included in the squad. Alves and Mathieu are not travelling due to technical reason. Rafinha, Masip and Vermaelen are still injured and Suarez is suspended.

The squad looks as follows:
Ter Stegen, Bravo, Montoya, Pique, Rakitic, Sergio, Xavi, Pedro, Iniesta, Messi, Neymar, Mascherano, Douglas, Alba, Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Adriano, Sandro and Munir.


Statistics against Malaga


FC Barcelona have faced Malaga in 74 official matches. We note 52 wins and 13 draws and 9 losses.

FC Barcelona has made 178 goals and conceded 53 against Malaga.

FC Barcelona have kept a clean sheet in 50% of their matches against Malaga 37 zeros in 74 official matches.

Best goal scorers against Malaga with the current squad: Messi 12, Iniesta 4, Pedro 4, Xavi 3, Pique 3, Bartra 1, Montoya 1, Alves 1 and Adriano 1.

Most assists against Malaga with the current squad: Xavi 8, Iniesta 6, Alves 5, Messi 5, Pedro 3 and Adriano 1.

FC Barcelona has made 178 official goals against Malaga in 74 official games, an average of 2.4 goals per game. Best scorers: Messi 12, Cesar 8, Kubala 8 and Rexach 5

FC Barcelona’s goal keepers with most zeros maintained against Malaga in official matches: Valdes 9, Sadurni 6, M Reina 5, Urruti 3 and Ramallets 3.

FC Barcelona’s official statistics in 37 away matches against Malaga: 19 wins and 11 draws and 7 losses. FC Barcelona notes 68 goals scored and 33 conceded = 35 + and 16 maintained zeros.
Lionel Messi’s statistics against Malaga: 13 official matches 12 wins and 1 draw, and 12 goals and 5 assists.

FC Barcelona last 6 results away from home against Malaga: 0-1, 1-3, 1-4, 1-3, 0-2 and 1-4.


Luis Enrique before Malaga-Barca, September 24 at 22:00 CET

luis enrique-8

Luis Enrique: There are things we can improve, especially in defense.

Luis Enrique: We have not concede yet, but we could have. We are working on that.

Luis Enrique: About Mathieu….I’m not worried about his mistakes. He does more good things than bad things.

Luis Enrique: The attitude of Pique is great, he’s optimistic, working hard. His hip problem has been solved, he is ready to help us.

Luis Enrique: About Bartra….he will have playing time. I’m delighted to have him in the team, but only 18 players can be in the squad and only 11 can play from start.

Luis Enrique: I’m not worried about conceding our first goal. It’s about winning,”

Luis Enrique: Today Rakitic and Neymar trained normally , tomorrow they probably will get medical ok and be available for the game against Malaga.


Mixed notices September 23

levante-barca 0-5-3-75

Barça stats in 5 official games in 2014-15:
5W -  0D – 0L
Goals: 12-0
Shots: 79-28
Chances created: 58-17
Passes: 4036-1729
Avg Possession: 70.4%

bild (183)-red35

In official games on senior level has Neymar Jr now scored 190 goals, whereof Santos 136, Brazil 25, FC Barcelona 18

bild (183)-red35

Dani Alves says that he wants to renew his contract and retire at FC Barcelona. His contract expires in June 2015.

bild (183)-red35

In this season’s first five official matches has Lionel Messi scored 3 goals and made 6 assists.


Luis Enrique after Levante away, 0-5

luis enrique against levante-50

FC Barcelona noted their fourth straight win and their fourth straight game without conceding any goal. Something that had not previously occurred initially at the La Liga season. Luis Enrique was very happy after the game and seemed to increase every aspect of the game to the skies. FC Barcelona tops La Liga in splendid isolation, but Luis Enrique did not want to draw any major bills on this very fact. We have many and far more difficult games left and we have a long season ahead of us. We just left a Champions League week and it is usually hard just right around those matches, meant Luis Enrique. We have tried many different variations so far, said our coach. Some worked well while unfortunately some have gone really bad. I work intensively on solutions to improve our goal scoring, said Luis Enrique.

Lionel Messi is a very unique player and I love to see how all of our players all the time clicking with him, it means a lot to the team. Luis Enrique chose not to mention any names, but praised the group’s work against Levante. It was a victory for the group and the collective.


Starting lineup against Levante

claudio bravo

FC Barcelona lineup against Levante:
Alves, Mascherano, Mathieu, Alba,
Rakitic, Sergio, Iniesta,
Pedro, Messi, Neymar

Ter Stegen, Pique, Montoya, Roberto, Xavi, Sandro and Munir


The squad to Levante

on the way to levante-50

Luis Enrique has named 19 players for the match against Levante away tonight. Rafinha is rested as precaution. Adriano and Bartra are both omitted, the other players left at home are the injured Jordi Masip and Thomas Vermaelen.

The squad looks as follows: Ter Stegen, Bravo, Montoya, Pique, Rakitic, Sergio, Xavi, Pedro, Iniesta, Messi, Neymar, Mascherano, Douglas, Alba, Sergi Roberto, Alves, Mathieu, Sandro and Munir.


Mixed notices September 20

barca training-34-60

This morning was the final training session held. All available players from the first team and two player from Barca B, Munir and Sandro, were participating.
In total it were 25 players under Luis Enrique’s command, but Thomas Vermaelen was somewhat limited since he has not yet received medically clear to train fully with the group and Jordi Masip did specific work.

The squad for tomorrow’s match will not be announced until Sunday morning.

away kit 2014-15

Barca will play in bright crimson strip, which is their second kit, in tomorrow’s match against Levante in La Liga round 4.


Alex Song, who plays on loan in West Ham, started the match in Premier League against Liverpool today. West Ham won by 3-1 and Song was named the Man of the Match.

ter stegen and bravo

Much points to that Claudio Bravo will start in Barca’s goal against Levante tonight. He didn’t play against APOEL in Champions League last Wednesday.
What do you think? Who should be in goal – Claudio Bravo or Marc Andre Ter Stegen?


The moment of truth for Luis Enrique and his team

nine points in seven days-50

Barca will play three games in La Liga in just seven days, whereof two matches will be away against Levante and Malaga.

This will be the moment of truth for Luis Enrique and his team. There are 9 point possible points to play for and not much time to rest between the matches.

It starts on Sunday, September 21 at 21:00 CET, with the away game against Levante at Mendilibar. Just three days later, on Wednesday 24 at 22:00 CET, Barca will visit La Rosaleda to play against Malaga. On Saturday September 27 Barca will face Granada in Camp Nou at 18:00 CET.

The following week it is time for Champions League again. This time Barca will meet PSG in Paris, Tuesday September 30.


Mixed short notices September 19

barca training-37-50

Thursday’s training was much of a recovery session after yesterday’s match in Champions League. All the available first tem players and the Barca B players Munir, Samper and Sandro.

Thomas Vermaelen trained with the group despite not having got medical ok yet. Dani Alves made specific work and Masip trained on grass.

Luis Suarez was not participating in the training session. With permission from the club he was on a commercial commitment for the club.

messi and munir

Luis Enrique have used 22 players in the four games that Barca have played this season. 21 of these 22 players have started at least one time. Sandro is the only exception, he has subbed in three times.

There are only two players who have started all four games played so far this season. That is Messi and Munir. Five players have three starts each: Bravo, Mathieu, Alba, Sergio and Rakitic.


Mixed notices after Barca-APOEL 1-0

luis enrique-9-75

Luis Enrique is the ninth consecutive coach of Barça to debut in the Champions League with a victory

The four latest coaches first Champions League game as manager
-Pep: Marquez scored a header
-Tito: Messi scored header
-Tata: Pique scored header
-Lucho: Pique scored header

Marc Andre Ter Stegen made his official debut in FC Barcelona in yesterday’s match against APOEL in Champions League’s group stage at Camp Nou. He also managed to keep a clean sheet.

Sergi Samper who made debut in the match against APOEL played the whole match. He also made most passes with 107. Second most made Alves with 101 and third most Adriano with 100.

Dani Alves was the Barca player who run most in the match He made a distance of 11.322 metres, followed by Samper with 11.296 metres and Adriano with 11.283 metres